Sunday, December 4, 2016


My first hr:
  • No doubt many papers were in front to sign, the whole appeared to be totally Greek and Latin, there was no time to go thru' all and even doing that would not have educated me there to a great level at that point of time so, the immediate decision as well as the instruction was.. 'Simply sign all papers at one go!'
My first day:
  • It was very interesting and enthralling.. With everything looking so supportive and friendly, I decided that I would maintain a diary and note down all the happenings as record which subsequently I just did for few days and left.. That evening as I was out of my office with Rs 18 (1972 level) earned for the day which was a big money of those days, I had a great pride in me that finally I became something with some thing in bank account to do many things in life!
My first Boss:
  • He looked so co-operative and friendly that I straight away asked my Boss, "If I've a problem, can I refer to you?" not at all knowing that invariably it is the Boss that would ultimately do that at every stage of my work..
My first salary:
  • It was a big amount into my bank account as I never imagined such a huge money suddenly becoming mine coolly forgetting for a while that to reach that 30 days end, my dad had spent on me an equal amount or more of his salary for the month in advance.. I quickly kept half of it to be sent to my dad with a great pride of helping him again never knowing the endless monies, time and energies my parents had spent on me making me a man out of nothing..
My first leave:
  • It was a great feeling that I was travelling home.. Got leave sanctioned with a smile from Boss, booked my ticket and on the day of leaving as I asked the Boss permission to go early from work to catch my train, he smilingly said, "Yes.. Dear.. Sure.. The train is leaving at 3 pm only for people like you to catch it in time!" not knowing that he made that sarcastic comment venting out his anger at his piled up work..
My first Office travel:
  • That just looked like a fun travel.. I was not knowing why I am going except for the broad guidelines heard from the mouth of my Boss.. No doubt I was never there alone, a Senior at the new place took over me under an indirect request from my Boss and he made me do the rest and complete my travel purpose at the new place!
My first Office Colleague:
  • He is a great friend of me of today.. We became friends on that auspicious day of joining and continued all my years of service keeping contact wherever and whatever we were and thus remained forever as close friends of a life time!
My first travel home:
  • It was a great a feeling.. I was going home town as a proud earning member of my family.. I carefully purchased many dresses and gifts for near and dear at my home and carried all that stuff, reached home, with a great joy distributed all those gifts in person to every one and could see an unknown happiness on their faces as a response to that my doing.. That feeling was unique and ever remembered in my life! 
My first assignment:
  • It was a big pride of my life.. I was nothing in the beginning.. Became something thru' my schooling.. Became some thing special thru' my degree/specialization.. And finally became something unique thru' my first job where in years of experience that added volumes to that.. Today, it's a great pride to be identified as that specialist..
My first bye-bye to the routine financial dependence:
  • That was a great boon in my life.. Looking out for some one's approval to get a thing in the world is the number one pain in one's life and that inevitability of suffering had permanently gone with my start of working hard on my first job and continued beyond thus turning an entirely a new leaf in my life! 

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  1. A very nice post that can take the readers also down the memory lane... Thank you Sreedharji for sharing!

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