Tuesday, December 6, 2016


A man of mid thirties was an expert in communication.. He often used to make convincing justifications and finally used to make listeners agree to what he had said.. Known people rated him as the best speaker and a convincing personality and thus carried a high respect for him!
An elderly well-wisher who observed his activities for quite some time, said one day..
  • “Dear! I've a question.. When you interact with people thru' an argument, what exactly is your aim there?”
"Sir! It's simple.. I always try to convince a person making him/her change and understand the Right!”
  • "Dear! It's not that easy to bring a change.. I may understand what a Great Man says but when I start living my life, my perception alone leads me there as my ignorance invariably controls me.. Still I carry my respect for the Great Man, listen to Him, and equally feel that I did the best as per His advice.. Don't you agree?” 
“Sir! Do you mean to say that all my talk here is truly a waste?”
  • “I don’t say that a 100%.. It's always one of our duties to bring out the ‘Right’ in front of people.. But the question forever is.. When, where and to what extent as all times, all moods and all situations are not ripe for that..
  • When people themselves are interested to know, you can tell them to the extent they show interest and wait patiently for them to question back.. Ultimately 'they getting convinced by themselves' alone is the best option with them.. 
  • May be you are not able to keep quite and so forcing your argument on the man next you.. Through this act, are you really helping the person or feeling 'great' in winning over him/her? If so, am I not doing the most cruel act in my life thru' this the so called dreaded habit once in a way?”
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  1. i have seen both type of people....First category have the habit of making arguments almost in every issue and ultimately want to prove themselves right and second category have the habit of giving lecture without knowing whether the listener is interested or not.

  2. Yes, Jyotirmoy.. It happens many times and we should be attentive here to leave the subject as is for a while and that calmness alone educates the other person as well as me too more in the situation.. A nice observation here and thanks for the appreciative comment!

  3. Thanks Jyotirmoy for promoting the Post on G+!