Sunday, December 11, 2016


The senior members of the joint family famous for their quarreling nature were all in tears in front of the photo frames of their recently departed elders..

“How we wish you were all here on this joyous occasion!” 
“We miss you all very much on this day!” 
“This is the occasion, I know you loved the max.. Had you been here with us on this day……..” 
“We are very unfortunate.. The Function would have been much more grand with your…….!” 
“A great success in front.. How nice would it have been with your wishes in person on this day!” 

The smart youngest man of the family quipped, 

“Dear, Elders! Never do the mistake of coming back.. If by chance you do so, these wailing people only will indirectly send you back safely into the very photo frames again without fail!” 

It just appears as joke for the fun part of it but the quick lesson I can learn here is that without my own knowledge, many times whenever I interact with my groups at any place, I would be indirectly happy as well as insisting upon them to 
Concur with me, 
Take orders from me and 
Show results to me 
forever, which sure comes in the way of their 
‘Original Free Expression!’ 

Instead why not my people with me all along 
Express themselves the best 
Myself diligently overseeing the happenings, 
Work with full freedom under their own intuition 
Myself guiding them gently where required
Never wait to have a formal approval at every stage 
Myself truly delegating the responsibilities at appropriate stages of certain confident levels? 

As I pondered over deep into the life aspects, 
the above three Attitudes as well as the Wishes 
with me have appeared to be the fundamental requirement from my end for any meaningful life to be lead by me on this earth and thus they became the 
Three strong Wishes of mine today in my life 
partly fulfilled and partly being not
as the profound self interest of mine 
is ever instigating me to put a brake to these attitudes and rule the those under with 
full authority curbing their expressions
all along myself appearing under the guise of their 
Beloved Benefactor and Well Wisher! 

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three wishes, self interest


  1. Wow! Very wise and inspiring write-up.

    1. That's nice of you to say so, Reshma..Thank you for the same!

  2. very well crafted post !! …check out blogging contest here

    1. Thanks Ruchi Mayank for the appreciation.. Sure I'll check the link!