Friday, December 9, 2016


That evening, as I made the routine visit to the Temple to offer my Prayers and was returning, a New Message was in my ears all along..

'I positioned my entire World next to you for your active interactions after this Prayer.. I expect you let your 'self' sublimate thru' continuous interactions with my beloved live world thru' a Sacred Living comprising of more works of sacrifice with the self stressed forever as secondary..

Such selfless work very much feasible for you in your day to day life has 12 distinct qualities and if you open up your mind, you can easily get that to your heart Viz..

  • It is neither a drudgery work nor a work of great interest forever benefiting the doer, the person attended to and the world around equally.., 
  • It demands zero work experience but equally can never be purchased for any price a man is interested to pay.., 
  • There are no theories and experimentation around It as It is always done through a process of constant negation.., 
  • It is impossible to quantify or qualify this 'Great Work' at any point of time in one's life.., 
  • It never divides the Universe but always works through a Unification Process alone..,
  • One who does this Work to whatever extent is once for all freed from the burden of the mundane life to that extent..,
  • The ultimate fruits of this Work are the everlasting Peace and nothing less of it at any time..,
  • It forever is predominant when one interacts in this world with a feeling at heart for his/her next man..,
  • It sure comes into picture when the mind is cleansed of all those ideas, dogmas and theories and truly becomes open..,
  • It is sure part of all Worships provided one carries equal value in one's heart for similar Worships done around thru' individuals' own faith..,
  • It 100% exists next to you without yourself learning anything in the field, moving to any place in the world or coming in contact with prominent personalizes talked of around.. You alone need to see and recognize that and none else can do it for you.. 
Yes.. I sure got my 11 lessons of learning as I finished my walk and reached home.. I was thinking where I missed my 12th lesson when I suddenly saw in front of me, my little grandson totally engrossed in his painting and art work..

Seeing the Little one with a cheerful face busily engrossed in his work, the 12th lesson instantly was in front of me.. Yes..

  • It exists wherever the Artistic Expression is 100% out with the person totally lost himself/herself to that and invariably with all the Little Ones around us all the time who involuntarily do that without a say thru' their such Unique Expressions! 
The Post is written in line with the 
Indispire Prompt 

The 12 lessons, Indispire


  1. Inspiring !! And I loked the pictures. Who is the child ?

  2. Thanks Shraddha for the appreciation.. He is my 5 yrs grandson!

  3. All your lessons are worth emulating!

    1. Thanks Madam.. A nice appreciative comment here!

  4. Very inspiring! A sure path to a peaceful life.

    1. Rightly said, Rajashree.. Thanks for the nice comment on the Post!

  5. Inspiring and motivating lessons.. Nice small read. Thanks for sharing.. :)


    1. Thanks a lot for leaving such a good comment on the Post!

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