Saturday, December 24, 2016

As I distinctly remember, they were the days when possessing telephone was a luxury and status symbol and the use equally was a pain when I was not a owner of that.. The early morning hrs of all Railway Terminus Stations used to witness long queues wherein a man was given just 2 minutes to talk to his near and dear that he arrived with the operator dialing and giving the phone to him..

The fun part of it used to be.. Whenever a wrong number was dialed by mistake, the operator invariably was made to ask those in queue whether any one wanted that connected number stressing the fact that how difficult it was to get a connection on phone.. And invariably the short comings of those days were

  • Less opportunity utilization, 
  • No great chance for potential growth, 
  • No way to express the competitive skills and 
  • Slow pace of over all economic growth 
the time being

A period of Under Use!

Thanks to the technology advancement, this scenario in communications rapidly changed to a faster, cheaper and reliable systems that enabled people move far away from their motherland with all ease taking up the opportunities that came up in their fields all along keeping the communications with their near and dear intact as well experiencing a certain
  • Ease in work areas, 
  • Feasibility of huge data transfers, 
  • Faster money transactions and 
  • Overall closeness of the world 
the time being

A period of Right Use!

Every coin invariably has 2 sides.. And the plus and simultaneous minus of anything is a fact in this life.. Ultimately, it is the man that should discipline himself in optimizing taking the benefit part to the required extent leaving the ease part to the system itself..

When such a diligent control is not exercised by man, the attitude

'Let anything happen, my enjoyment is important!'

soon engulfs and makes him glued to his Wi-Fi connections totally disregarding the fact that man in this world has a basic purpose of

'Communicating with the next man thru' active interaction heart to heart and a certain sacrifice!'

In such a case soon there would be in man

  • No interest for hard working, 
  • Lessened close family follow up, 
  • An attitude of keeping off the diligent hobby expressions and 
  • The tendency of avoiding Intimate social interactions around 
the time being

A period of Over Use in parallel if one is not disciplined!

No need to say that few nefarious elements of the society sure had gone a step further and created an equal scenario of misuse in parallel which is equally going on actively this day with the authorities in parallel becoming vehemently active in curbing those mushrooming evils in respect of

  • Misusing the content, 
  • Invading into privacy, 
  • Breaking the walls of secrecy and 
  • Aiming at personality degradation 
with the time going to be

A period of Misuse if one does not exercise caution!

The Post is written in line with the IndiSpire Prompt

In this world so connected with technology,we have actually lost our real connections.Technology has actually surpassed human-interactions.Real time Conversations became texting and Feelings became status updates.What you feel ?Share your views on it #AloneInWorldOfTechnology

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  1. Everything should be used optimally. Under use and over use, both are undesirable. I endorse these thoughts in toto.

  2. That's so nice of you to say so, Jitendra.. Love the comment and thanks for the same!