Wednesday, December 21, 2016


A man of 40s had to do a particular work..
  • “It’s just 2 hrs work.. A day’s leave is a waste here and I've to go almost the northernmost part of the city and come back for this single work.. Let me wait and pool up any other work that comes up in that direction and finish both at a time!”
He was right.. After 2 days, another work came up to be completed in the same area..
  • “Yes.. This takes about another 2 hrs but for 4 hrs of work, I should take full day off as my Company has no Half day Leave Policy.. Let me just wait for one more day and if some other work adds up, I can pool up that too and finish all together.. If not, I'll go ahead and finish at least these 2!” 
It so happened that the next day itself, he got one more work to be completed..
  • “Yeah.. Now, I've enough work to complete with a single day's leave.. Tomorrow, itself I'm going for these.. I already got the permission from my Boss for a day's leave!” 
Strangely, that evening itself another requirement in the center of the city came up..
  • “Great.. Patience is ever a Virtue.. See.. Now, I’ve a full day’s work for tomorrow.. Further if part of any work is left out too which many times possible, I can again plan to pool it up with coming up works and thus forever try optimizing my precious time and energies!” 
The next day as per the plan, when he came out of his home in the early morning hrs and was walking towards the Bus Stop to move on his works, he took a wrong step and instantly his foot got twisted which became worse and made him all most static as he tried to run towards the bus..

The bus went away, soon another came, but by that time the man totally lost the hope of going round doing all that hectic work, slowly moved back home limping and recovered only after a week's rest and small movements..

There was a Flash Message..

  • All along, you have forgotten that..The 'Delightful Plus' and 'Painful Minus' in life beyond a level are ever bosom friends!
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  1. A lesson to bear in mind and follow for a lifetime Sir. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you Jitendra for leaving such an appreciative comment on the Post!

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