Thursday, July 6, 2017


The General Body Meeting of the Welfare Association started and as usual the heat was ‘ON' with full force from every corner at the back of many questions and befitting answers for all.. The Members were venting out their woes and the Management Committee was quickly replying to that and getting off..

At a particular instance, there was a question from a Member totally on a personal issue in respect of one of the Services provided by the Association for the benefit of the Members and he requested the Association to intervene and instruct the Service Provider on the issue.. The President quickly answered,

“For problems like this, the individual has to directly deal with the Service Provider and settle the issue. The Association has no role here as we've no knowledge of the personal exchanges taking place between the Members and the Service Provider. We just provided the Service Facility for the benefit of the members and we never restricted a member from negotiating with the Service Provider or going to a similar Service Provider outside!"

The Member who raised the question and others listening to that could not speak further as the answer given by the President had such a force of conviction. Silence prevailed for a while and the President readied himself to go ahead with the further Agenda for the day. Suddenly a Senior Member got up and said,

  • “Sir! I've a point here. Can I say that?"
Everyone including the President and the Member who raised the issue were surprised with the interruption as they all thought that the issue had no base. The President looked at the Senior Member and asked him to say what he wanted to.. The Senior continued..
  • "Sir! You can't say what you have said and get off when you represent our Association working on the lines of Democratic Principles and brought in the very Service into the compound for the benefit of the Members.. Democracy is by the people, for the people and of the people.. Here, the member has always a place to voice his/her grievance, however small and however meaningless it may be!"
The President interrupted and said,

"We never stopped him from doing that. I just said that what happens between the 2 Parties is unknown to us here and because of that alone we don't want to interfere here!"
  • "I agree that that knowledge is not with the Association and it's totally an issue between the 2 Parties.. But the Association alone brought the Service Provider into the Premises, isn't it?"
"That's our job and we did it in the right way only!"
  • "Then please complete the purpose of bringing that Service too inside!"
"I don't get your point!"
  • "Please receive the complaint from the Member as is, let it be answered in the time feasible without loosing sight on the spirit of the problem and let the solution be such that majority of the Members feel that it is addressed in the right way without getting off from the Principles of Natural Justice!"
"We made it very clear that we have no role here to play. As you said, even if we receive such a paper, we have to answer this alone as reply. That I am telling in the AGM itself and closing the issue.. Isn't it the better way?"
  • "Sir, unless you gear up yourself to accommodate not a befitting reply but a solution to the problem thru' certain negotiations between the 3 parties whatever because of your indirect role in that, the final purpose of instilling faith of ruling in the Members on the lines of Democracy is never met. 
And instead of speaking with such a spirit, if you simply say that it's not the issue of the Association, such a talk straight away defeats the very spirit of the Democratic Approach!”
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