Wednesday, January 25, 2017


The middle class senior citizen who lived thru' decades of democratic governing was asked to narrate his experiences of living thru' such a system.. The grey haired gentleman smiled and said,

“No doubt.. My Democratic Ruler guaranteed me many Services and various Freedoms in my life..

The 'n' number of Services sanctioned on paper and talked in air of course were sooner or later implemented with a ‘Bang’ taking immediate credits for bringing them out but subsequent to that..

  • Some Services never functioned even a single day, 
  • Some started functioning but soon were solely the privilege of few rich, 
  • Sizable numbers were exclusively for the less privileged for securing which they were seen struggling day and night endlessly and 
  • Only a few alone were available for people like me but there too, I had readily kept stand-by Units with me in good working condition as the original Services have an in-built mechanism of failing often! 
In respect of the precious Freedoms guaranteed to me, even though many were granted on paper, some freedoms alone are there with me till date because I indirectly agreed..
  • To make my own attempts to get an equal number of them as they were restricted for reasons unknown, 
  • To pay a price to secure sizable numbers, 
  • To firm up within myself that a countable numbers were never for me through out my life whatever attempts I may make and 
  • Finally in respect of one or two, I had no courage to look at them even once in this entire period! 
One of our members in great spirits when resorted to the constructive criticism of the Ruler that is freely allowed in a democratic system was all of sudden given a warning and equally lured thru' an offer saying..
  • 'Be careful; you are being watched.. Take these monies and keep off!'
Taken a back and without falling prey to their monies, when our member modified the criticism to a lesser hurting level aiming at the Junior Levels, he was again threatened thru' a message..
  • 'You seem not listening.. You regret later.. Soften on your stand immediately!'
Sensing the danger as the member friend modified his talk switching over to the praise of the Juniors, he no doubt got an applause but with a tail piece..
  • 'Good! Now take these monies, praise our man, and close the issue!'
Finally, we advised him to get out of the rut, do what he was asked to save his skin doing which the friend successfully concluded his so called constructive criticism freely allowed in our Democratic Ruling!"

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