Monday, February 17, 2014

A 'Fallacy' or a 'Reality?'

Once, there was a King who was ruling like a dictator in his Kingdom…. No doubt, he was not that bad but still a dictator was a dictator and so many people in his Kingdom thought a bit seriously.... 'Why not have a change?'…. If thought comes up thus, in time it takes a shape and it happened here too…. 'Let this King go.... We will Rule ourselves.... Here after, the Citizen is the King!' were the strong Slogans.... No doubt, a Great Thought!

The King noticed the change in the mind set of his people and instantly allowed it.... Then the Process began.... As all cannot Rule, a few had to take the Reigns…. So a Group with a Head was only the solution…. But to check if the Core Group had done anything wrong, another Group would do an independent evaluation.... To have a second and more such evaluations, more and more Groups could be formed, the matter could be discussed but never a wrong would be allowed... Thus, the chances of a single man acting solely on his own were almost remote….

Then it all started…. The King too as a Citizen first faced the Citizens' choice, soon got the 'Approval Stamp' as there was no equivalent man having such a vast experience in the Ruling Field and then started discharging his duties; that's all and no other additional Powers were given…. But at the back of his mind, he had his own plans with his own men which never went wrong…. 'Be the Head, lure a few, influence the Groups and implement your own Rule!'

Soon the 'Original Dictator' was under the garb of a 'Benign Lover of Freedom', the 'Authority' just shifted to the back doors and the 'Anarchy' followed as usual.... And rest of the 'Story Making' everywhere in the 'Free Province' was never a difficulty!

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