Tuesday, January 3, 2017


As I was relaxing on one of the cool days of Dec month I was suddenly reminded of the soaring temperatures I experienced last summer and as I recollected one of the those experiences of suffering, my memories vividly ran thus.. That day I woke up at 0500 AM..

  • "God.. The sharp light is already up.. Let me pull the curtains in!"
were my instant grumbling remarks.. At 0800 hrs I got readied for my Office and moved on..
  • "The heat for the day started!"
was the murmur that followed soon.. The bus was crowded and the heat soon made me sweat profusely..
  • "When this agony will end?"
were my the then thoughts that ran parallel.. Reached my Office and switched on AC..
  • "At last I'm saved for the day!"
was the instant gratifying feeling within.. The power was down for a short time during lunch hr with the hot lunch in front and the fan standstill on top..
  • "Why not take a short vacation to a cool place?"
was the feeling of escape at that point of time.. It was 6 PM, the Sun God had started setting throwing a golden glow on the West Horizon cautioning..
'Am returning tomorrow with more intensity..

Be prepared!' 

I was desperate for a while and that night as I dozed off early after dinner with an exhausted feeling, the Wise Man was heard reminding me in my dream..

“No doubt the Sun God had set and spared you from the heat for the day.. But
  • He had heated enough for the day so that the energy Levels around are brought back from the earlier day’s cooling in which you take so much relaxation..
  • The ecological balance is perfectly maintained thru’ this heating.. The timely rains are guaranteed with the right evaporation that took Place around thru’ this heating..
  • Your glamorous life with all that power supported is made feasible with the basic energies the Sun God had passed on so generously..
  • The fuels one burns in cooking, heating and moving around are all part of these energies that have come from the Sun..
  • And the kind Sun God without resting for a second had sincerely gone to the other half of Globe to do this Job allowing you freely reap the benefits you derive from His energies! 
Isn't it high time that you be thankful to the Great God who Shows Up daily in front of you to support you so much and thus remain humble silently bearing the small discomfort experienced in the process instead of losing your temper and cursing all along?”

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  1. An awesome presentation why should tolerate heat..the summer days. very nice view and true it is.

    1. Thanks Jyotirmoy for the appreciation.. A nice comment here!

    2. Thanks too promoting the Post on G+!

  2. Excellent post Sir. I totally endorse the viewpoint put forth.

    1. That's nice of you to say so Jitendra.. Happy over the appreciation and thanks for the same!

    2. And happy New Year 2017 for you and your family!