Friday, January 6, 2017


One evening as I was looking up for some Spiritual Guidelines on my Laptop thru' browsing a number of documents, all of a sudden, 
the word 'discriminate' on the 12th Page of 
Bhaja Govindam PDF online document 
took my attention and that night further reading and introspection gradually lead me to think myself elevating in the line of salvation which subject I found very interesting..

As I thus started discriminating between the real and unreal understanding the methodology of the same, I soon got an impression that I am sure for that alone as I could see many around me not showing a bit of interest therein.. 

Thus passed the
Jan month of 2017 thru' finding the way and 
Feb, practicing the same with a great discipline.. 
In March, I increased the pace of that practice and got established and 
In April, I started talking a lot of it with ease.. 
Without a bit of laxity, 
In May, I took up active preaching on the subject and 
In June, extended my preaching horizons and stretched myself to elaborate austerities and rituals involved there in.. 
In July, there was innate thrust in me making me lookout for faithful followers and got many of them registered to my faith and 
In Aug, I started supporting the advertising of my philosophy far and near and could enroll more followers in the process.. 
Thrilled thru' the great impetus I got for my original start up, 
In Sept, I made an attempt to rule my followers indirectly which with no difficulty was accepted by them and with that hold 
In October, I could challenge my rivals in field by snubbing them or making them surrender to me.. 
No need to say with pride ruling behind, 
In Nov, I started ruthlessly suppressing all those who opposed my philosophy and 
In Dec, I was straight away titled or forcibly made others do so as none other than 
The One descended from Heaven! 

As I was thus relaxing in my chamber on 12th floor looking thru' the window in the early morning hrs of 1st Jan, 2018 at the back of countess followers wishing me the New Year Greetings, I noticed the humble worker on the roadside carefully unfolding his belongings for the day's work seen smiling at me hitting at my firmly layered ignorance which made me forget the fact that I am far far away from 
The True Spiritual Life! 

Suddenly I woke up with a jolt from my sleep and it took some time for me to recollect what had happened to me in my scary dream I had on the first day of 2017.. I instantly came to full attention and with all humility bowed down in front the Lord's Photo in my room asserting within.. 

"Whatever be my level of understanding on Spiritual Aspects, it is not the Absolute and that Absolute has no way of reaching thru' finite steps in this life unless I continuously make myself surrender with the sacred thought in me as reiterated by of the Great Personality of our life.. 
'If all Living Beings of the Universe stand in a queue as per their strengths, I forever wish to stand behind the last tiniest One therein!' 
And thus live a Humble Life!" 

The Post is written in line with the 
IndiSpire Prompt 

True Spiritual Life


  1. The beauty of humbleness! :-) Such a warming read.. :-)

  2. I liked this very much... Beautifully penned... :-)

  3. This is a beautiful read... liked it... :-)

  4. Wow......This is a wonderful thought and you have used the prompt well....Humility is perhaps the most necessary step towards enlightenment and salvation......Pride that comes from a bloated self-appreciation, and that fails to see other's point of view can only bring the person down from the ladder of learning....

    1. That's nice of to say so Sunaina.. The best Comment here.. And thanks for the appreciation!

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    1. That's nice of you to say so Jitendra.. Love the comment and thanks for the same!