Wednesday, February 8, 2017


An elderly father had 3 grown up sons settled in life with their own family responsibilities..
  • The eldest son was smart and simple, had a fast growth in his Career and thus had a decent life of his.. 
  • The second one was smart and expressive, quickly made fortunes but equally spent away sizable monies and thus settled in a life that was still much better.. 
  • The youngest was not so smart but hard working, could achieve average in his life and and thus settled in his life.. 

The father decided to write his Will in respect of the sizable assets which he acquired in his life and in the process felt like giving a bit more to the youngest as he settled average in his life..

In order to confirm that there was nothing unethical in that, he visited an Ashram and requested the Head to say if his proposal was OK.. The Head listened to him, smiled and said,

  • “I' ll tell you a better way of division.. Make your property into 9 equal parts and distribute as I say!” 
The father eagerly looked at Him.. The Head continued..
  • "The elder 2 are better placed in the society compared the youngest and so straightaway give 2 shares to the youngest and 1 share each to the elder 2!"
The father was happy..
  • "The youngest no doubt is hardworking.. So straight away give him another share.." 

The Head reiterated.. The father was extremely happy for the Head to concur with his proposal.. The Head further said.. 
  • "The eldest is smart and simple and sure does something better to the world thru' these 2 plus qualities with him.. So give him further 2 shares!" 
  • "The middle one is smart and expressive and sure he too does something better to the world thru' these 2 plus qualities with him.. So give him also of course, the 2 left out shares!"
The father taken aback said,

“Sir! It's ultimately nothing but dividing equally only.. You said you'll show a better way of distribution!”

  • “Yes! I showed the better way only!”
The father was silent.. The Head continued,
  • “Dear! The assets with you even though solely earned through your hard work are never yours and you remained a Trustee alone to them all these years except you continued living thru' your good deeds all these years.. 

  • Continue that discipline and do now too that single good deed of respecting the the Nature's Law of Equality wherein your 3 sons are just equally eligible to receive not only your assets but also the responsibilities of guarding and properly utilizing them after you; nothing more nothing less of it at any point of time in their life!"
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  1. An interesting story and your narration is appealing. However I am afraid I do not agree with the conclusion. If the property was 'never his' and if he was only a 'trustee', then why should it be only for his sons; the property should in fact be distributed to the society...
    But a good post indeed...

    1. Thanks for leaving such a good Comment on the Post and joining the Site as a Member.... As each individual's Perception of Life is different in its own Sense, I humbly say that all of us are Right in our own Ways of Thinking....

  2. A very gripping story sir with a lot of philosophical quotient in it.
    This story seconds this thought
    "Everybody is a genius. But, if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it’ll spend its whole life believing that it is stupid."
    An eye opener since we usually judge peoples success only by financial rewards and some or the other parameter which is generally accepted by the society.
    Everybody is good in their own sweet way.

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