Monday, February 6, 2017

  • “Last week, I expected a friend of mine do a job for me but he just left it in the middle and......... 
  • A fortnight ago, the next door neighbor who promised to help me out in an issue simply retreated in the last minute and..........
  • “And this day too I've a doubt what exactly a distant relative of mine had done in respect of a small job of mine at his place and.......... 
Thus was complaining a man of mid forties to an elderly well-wisher when the man’s elder son of 16 came into the room.. Seeing him the dad instantly said,
  • “Dear, forgot to tell you.. I need to go out personally tomorrow to complete one of the long time pending works.. 
  • You go now to.......... and get me the required info needed tomorrow.. 
  • On the way, find out why the shop man had not yet delivered our monthly groceries even though he collected the money in advance!” 
and sent away his son.. He then turned to the well-wisher and continued,

”Sorry, Sir for the interruption.. OK! Please tell me now, why the behaviors of the so called these friends, relatives and neighbors are like this?”

The elderly smiled and said,

“My dear! You yourself just now brought out the answers for your question!”

“I didn't understand!”

“Dear! In life, there are only 3 ways of getting all my works done Viz.,
  • Doing them myself, 
  • Getting them done through my man who loves me without an exception or 
  • Pay and get them done where I can't do or the works need an expertise! 
Leaving these, whenever I expect others do my work however close they may be, the same will be an imperfect way because even if the other man sincerely takes up my job, people in general do not concur there as he/she is not obliged to do that for me.. And of course, this psychology instantly changes around me when the situation turns to an emergency or a dire need and there all together make me sail through the tough moment without an exception..

Except for such rare situations, it's ever a sin with me if I stop doing my works and expect others to help me therein!

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  1. Its always best to do the jobs yourself and always good to expect nothing from others except those who really have deep feelings for you.You grow up more when you face the obstacles yourself and the tough times of life teaches us who genuinely cares for us.

    1. Yes.. Jyotirmoy.. Rightly said the point once again.. I should never stop doing the last bit possible with my own hands and there sure lies my strength.. Thanks for the good comment here!

    2. Forgot.. Thanks for promoting the Post on G+!

  2. I completely endorse the point-of-view propagaed herein. It's an invaluable lesson for life. Hearty thanks for the timely reminder Sir.

    1. Thanks Jitendra for the valuable observation.. Happy to have such a great appreciative comment on the Post!

  3. Absolute Truth! There's a saying in Hindi, "Apna haath- Jagannath." Meaning The work we do by our own hands is the best work done and, that that alone can ensure perfection and abundance.
    Nice post! :)

    1. So nice of you to say so, Kokila.. I put on record such a valuable comment on the Post.. Thanks a lot for the concurrence and appreciation of the message!