Sunday, February 12, 2017


A man decided to visit an Ashram to find out why there was suffering in life and accordingly went there..

The gate man at the entrance stopped him for questioning and the man got hurt for doing that beyond..

Finally having got satisfied, the gate man allowed the man in..

The Saint welcomed him, consoled him for the questioning at the gate and thus cooled him for a while..

The man got astonished and asked the Saint why he allowed such a man at the gate to trouble the visitors to the Ashram..

The Saint answered that he never appointed the man at the gate as he alone had taken up voluntarily doing that job and further asked the purpose of the man's visit to the Ashram..

The man said, 
"Reverend Sir! I came here to find out how to alleviate my suffering but in the process I got more suffering!"

The Saint smiled and said,
"That's the exact question with me too this moment.. 

In the process, 
The man at the gate had done his job of questioning sincerely, 
You have done your job of protesting sincerely and 
I too have done my job of consoling sincerely
all of us not knowing what exactly we have to do to alleviate that suffering in our lives!"

Strictly speaking, this is essentially the story of mine all these years of living to the best of abilities and I still do not know where I stand in the queue for an answer to my question!

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