Tuesday, February 14, 2017

  • The Customer is just asking me to meet the requirement because me alone is capable of doing that with the right ease and care.. 
Let me cheer up.. After all.. He/she is not shouting and pulling me down!
  • The problem is.. I was calculating how much money I receive when the Customer was explaining the works I got to complete.. What's wrong if subsequently he/she decided to pack the bags and say bye to me? 
Let me straight away say sorry first and stop him/her from going away from me!
  • The Customer's holidays alone are mine and I should have no visiting hours for him/her.. In case, he/she demands 25 hrs of my time in a day and I should without a say be able to generate that.. 
If not done, subsequently all those days and hrs sure will be totally mine alone forever!
  • A man without experience will get no job because no one in the field knows him/her.. My one satisfied Customer is surely advertising on my behalf for 10 future customers.. 
Then isn't it my foremost duty to do whatever he/she asks without a second thought?
  • My Customer is not complaining at all.. Just expressing the fact that I've not met his/her requirement.. Nothing less; nothing more!
Instead of saying ‘sorry’ and further keeping mum, better make it known to him/her that I've not limited the 'outcome' by myself!
  • Anytime, saying ‘Who's this?' on phone to a Customer is often detrimental and saying 'Yes Sir/Madam!' is ever welcome..
Have I forgotten the minimum civic sense learnt in my childhood?
  • There's no friendship in a Customer relation.. The greatest pitfall is that as I interact with him/her for a long time, I will be knowing some of his/her weaknesses and am likely to bring them out in subsequent interactions without my own knowledge..
No problem.. For doing that, I've many people around me who want to make friends with me; why not leave my Customer for a while?
  • I should never compare the life style of my Customer with me.. If he/she maintains high profile and I start comparing with him/her, he/she in no time takes me out from the list.. If he/she maintains low profile and I become aware of that, he/she develops a dislike for me..
All along my life, I was taught not to interfere with the other man's life but what am doing here when it comes to the very important person of my life?
  • The Customer Care at root level includes caring for his/her well being and prosperity.. When I can't do anything to my Customer at some point of time in my life, I should pray for his/her well being and wish for the ultimate good.. 
'Care for the other' is the greatest message taught to me all these years.. Why am I missing doing that exclusively here?
  • Finally, all the above discipline coupled with delivery of quality work completes the process that definitely generates a smile on the Customer's face with which alone I can steadily continue living in the coercive competition around me..
No more second thoughts.. Let me straight away correct myself and start doing my job with full vigor from this moment if I got to save myself in this life!

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