Friday, March 10, 2017


The small time grocery shop owner visited a certain modern Hi-Fi Shop on a requirement.. As he was checking his buying needs and in process when accidentally overturned a small equipment, the unhappy owner of the shop remarked,

"Hi Dear.. Be careful in handling the equipment here.. They are the costliest ones, you know.. It may not strike you as you are familiar with only the rough handling all your years of life!"

The grocery shop owner conveyed his sorry and soon returned with his purchase..

Days passed and it so happened that the rains failed that year.. There was acute famine and soon all essential food items were rationed..

One day there was a long queue in front of the grocery shop..

The owner of Hi-Fi equipment shop closed his shop for half day and stood in the queue to secure his rations.. When his turn came and as he layed his hand on one of the food items there, the grocery shop owner remarked..

"Hi Dear! Be careful in handling the items here.. They are the costliest ones, you know.. It must have struck to you now alone as you were familiar with only fine handling all these years!"

Thus seen, my original freedom stays with me not because I'm self sufficient with many luxury items around me with sizable finances but because I truly remain part of my food production and supply too at a certain minimum level without fail and there I physically contribute for that to happen..

In such a scenario, I can be sure part of

1) Direct food production,
2) Food supply chain,
3) Food preparation and serving,
4) Food storage and preservation or
5) Minimum consumption and preventing food wastage in the process!

If every one of us, in spite of our busy schedules of day to day life, concentrate in the best possible way continuously to remain part of one of these 5 activities with all dedication, we sure are securing the minimum self sufficiency required in our living and thus have our basic freedom with us..

The Great Man who advocated refraining from violence was away from his Ashram on a day.. Seeing the chance, the enemies all of a sudden attacked the Ashram and caused a known damage.. But the inmates kept themselves calm and away during the attack so that they would not become part of the violence..

The Great Personality, on return knowing what happened condemned the inmates' action saying, 

"In stead of keeping quite as cowards, I would haven truly been happier had you given back to the attackers!"

If every one of us carry this spirit in the right sense and thus move in our life with the awareness of danger zones and the likely activities from our end that can cause this disturbance, we sure are securing the minimum safety required in our living and thus have our basic freedom with us..

As we thus start feeling that whatever we do in our life, those primary activities of ours that directly support the active members in the primary areas of,

Food production 
and Defence 

we sure are knowing the meaning of our freedom and further are supporting the up-keep of the same in the best possible way!

The Post is written in line with the IndiSpire Prompt Do you agree with me? after long duration got freedom finally,but we don't know actual meaning of freedom until.#freedom

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