Wednesday, March 8, 2017


“I am unhappy that my parents have brought me up with too many of their ideas of culture, customs and austerities.. Had I not been thrust with these ideas, I would have been relatively a free person on this date..

I understand the importance of those on the lines of Truth, Honesty and Work orientation and Family Values.. But not all these taboos, beliefs and many wrong things injected into my system in parallel!”

Thus was saying a young man sadly and angrily on a day to his well-wisher, a man of wisdom and insight.. The 
well-wisher cheered him up and said, 

  • “Look, dear! There's no use of weeping over the spilt milk and that's never the heroism.. You should cheer up yourself with all those other precious gifts you got in your life which invariably none else other than the parents would have given to you!"
The well wisher paused for a while and continued,
  • “Dear! No doubt, your parents should not have thrust their own beliefs on you and instead they should have allowed you express within the limits of social, legal and ethical norms.. 
  • But here you are only seeing one side of the coin.. Clapping never can happen unless both hands join.. I mean to say that as they were ready to thrust their beliefs on you, you too were interested to go after them at that point of time.. 
  • Another point is.. You had no option.. You have only 2 such parents not many who can shower their love on you all these years.. That way seen, they gave you many other plus which none else would have given to you and without which your life would have been much, much inferior today..
  • So cheer up like a fully gifted man in this life.. I can say that your parents had done their best, they are ever great for you and you should always carry that respect for them in your life as ultimately it's your freedom today to do or not to do what they have told!”
While departing the well-wisher smiled and said,
  • “Remember.. The Great Men of the world many times had no great parents.. They were normal but it's the Great Men that had seen life as different, taken the best out of what their parents had given to them and thus experienced their own freedom irrespective of the cultural and social pressures existing on them.. Why are you not doing here a bit at least on the lines of these Great Personalities?”
Keywords: parents, culture, freedom