Friday, March 31, 2017


"Sir! Our elders constantly advised us forever to live thru' 3 actions in our life..
  • Think good,
  • See good and
  • Do good..

When I look at these 3 actions, I instantly see that in respect of the first and the last actions, I could sure do something thru' strict self control and discipline in my life..

But, I don't understand how I can implement the second action when the other man in front of me behaves in a way unacceptable to me from any angle.. How I can still see such a man as good? Can you clarify here?"

"Dear! For an ordinary human being understanding the philosophical message behind 3 actions you mentioned is never 100% and here it's not right to say that some I understand and some I don't understand. In fact, the other way of defining these 3 actions for our understanding purpose is

  • Think right
  • See right and
  • Do right
The word 'right' replacing 'good!'

Coming to my expressions in the world, they can exist at the base level with a feeling in me that

  • 'I am to myself!' 
rising an average level wherein the expression
  • 'My own people are important to me!' 
becomes predominant..

In the above 2 expressions, I forever should know the rights of others with me with a bottom line discipline in me that
  • 'Law abiding is important to me!' 
negating to that level, my self interest and my importance given to social norms!

Once I start living with this minimum discipline, my expression beyond is out of my own increasing understanding and it ranges from an ideal way of living wherein
  • 'Morals become important by establishing a certain Social Order in the society around me!'
to the noble way where in
  • 'Ethics become important to me by sticking to my responsibilities one hundred percent!'
By Grace of God when I cross these 2 levels,
  • 'I start experiencing the spiritual importance of life and further move on!'
In that context alone, I progressively start seeing the good in other man even when they behave bad..

That expression goes thus infinitely birth after birth, the end is never known but the Highest Level of that expression prevails on the earth with strings of attachment to the body as rightly put in words by the Great Saint..
  • “The hand that hit me is serving me!” 
subsequent to an attack to an unconscious level when asked by the serving disciple whether He can identify the serving person!

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  1. We could be imbibing all of these at various stages and junctures of our life. We may be selfish at times but realise the error of our ways and make amends. There is a constant effort to be a better person. So don't u think it would not be right to categorise someone?

    1. It is definitely wrong to categorize the other person, but I should better continuously see where I stand in this gradation, try to improve to the next level by my sincere effort and never stay there feeling either great about it or helpless to move up....Making amends is many times stagnation....It is something repaid for the wrong done.... I would be doing the same again....The action to improve myself is my primary duty in the world. At the same time, I should ever remember that I do not achieve anything in this process except less rupture in day to day life!