Monday, March 27, 2017


The Great Saint had said,
  • "Our problems in the world have to be resolved in a similar way we remove a thorn from our foot!" 
I'm very much living in this world and my senses are constantly interacting with specific worldly elements which I like out of an inherent ease with me in being so..

Thus the powerful senses with me indirectly make me avoid involving in my bounden duties exact to the point as that action sure needs a certain attention from me making me forego the ease the senses promise.. 

And my mind under the influence of this force from senses strengthens the thinking,

  • 'Try to experience the best all along in your life!' 
Thus, I constantly develop my own justification to every 'wrong doing' of mine and forever try to deviate from the right path unless compelled..

This attitude is the 'true thorn' gone deep in me through such a continuous 'wrong involvement' causing the endless mental stress in me and thus my 'inner peace' is constantly jeopardized whatever brave or smiling face I may put up!

And here, closing the eyes and stopping temporarily certain interactions with the world under the name of stress relieving exercises can never produce the true result unless basically I correct myself within..

Meaning.. I shouldn't keep off but actively start involving with the world and my people with all vigor but in a different living style Viz.,

  • Doing my assigned works of life as per my 'Dharma' in the best known way to me without skipping them at any point of time and taking up the insults and rebuke targeted in the process with a smile! 
Thus, I would be
  • Listening to my people as much as possible, 
  • Helping them out a little beyond the required, 
  • Giving away to them what they want keeping the minimum required for my decent living and 
  • Joining them in all areas where truth, sincerity and honesty are not sacrificed in principle! 
Leading a life thus in full alone takes out the effect of my earlier wrong doings and secures the peace.. Soon that discipline becomes the new style of my living which can be ascribed to the action of
  • 'Making use of the pin or the other sharp instrument' 
as the involvement of the senses in the world still continues but the other way with their active co-operation!

  • The 'old thorn' of 'wrong doing attitude' in me
is taken out minimizing the conflict in my life with certain sure Peace restored..

The 'Rest' of course, is truly in the Hands of God and a sincere 'Prayer' to the Almighty at the end of the Day completes the process!

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