Friday, March 17, 2017

A few members visited an Ashram and requested the Master saying,

  • "Master! We wish to become your disciples!"
The Master replied,
  • "Before I accept you as my disciples, read this Sacred Book and tell me what you understood from that!"
The members went back, read the Book thoroughly and came back.. The Master asked,
  • "Have you understood anything?"
Each one explained, how the Book inspired them, what they understood therein and further what they are going to follow in their life.. One member alone said,
  • "Master! I read the Book given from end to end many times but I have many doubts in respect of what is said therein!"
The Master proclaimed,
  • "You are my disciple!"
and advised others to be back to their normal routine in their life..

The example clearly brings out the Sacred Master disciple relationship in this world in a true Religious Environment..

Thus seen, the Philosophy of living in the world with a Religious mind truly demands continuous Negation.. It's called the Principle of Neti.. 'Na+Iti'.. meaning 'Not That'.. And it forever asserts that a disciple evolves only by continuous questioning never satisfied of what is known..

Having understood that all Great Personalities insisted every one constantly put questions using the 7 tools of any investigation Viz.,
  • WHEN, WHAT, WHICH and 
  • HOW

and then only firm up on the Right in Philosophical as well as Religious field too.. Further, by living thru' that discipline alone one should continuously elevate himself / herself in this life..

In parallel with this thinking, I should not equally forget that I have my own identification in this world and when I firm up on that only, I exist in peace.. In that context alone, all the Great Philosophers and Saints of the world asked one to Believe in the Concept of God, the highest Cosmic Oneness Existence and thus prima facie remain at peace to do all that exploration and investigation said above..

So the word Religion forever has its own Sanctity in the world and is a necessary requirement to lead peaceful life with most of the people..

Dividing the masses to keep them under their grip is the eternal game of the power mongers of the world from time immemorial for which many tools were used and here the entity 'Religion' too had fallen a prey to this drama and is being used even this date..

Even if I keep off from my Religion, still I can fall a prey to this division thru' some other aspect which I hold today as mine.. Seen thus, the solution in front of me at any point of time in my life is not to keep away from my Sacred Religion but very much keep away from the dividing forces around me and thus continue live my life in peace!

This Post is written in line with the IndiSpire Prompt

Religion has caused much violence and pain in the world throughout human history. It has no rational foundation either. Yet it continues to dominate human affairs even in today's scientific and technological world. Why? #WhyReligion

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