Tuesday, March 14, 2017


The Head of the joint family used to behave a bit odd at times.. Whenever the members of the family were running short of time balancing their busy work schedules and family responsibilities, the gentleman used to utter a few words like.. 

Is everything Okay? 
Take care! 
Relax and go slow! 
Anything wrong? 
Don't worry.. Things will soon be fine! etc.. etc.. 

Without physically helping them so that they could catch up with their requirement..

But while dealing with the Little Ones of the greater family, he used to be the first man to rise to the occasion often pressurizing the parents to act and follow what he had said in between uttering the words like.. 

Don't take easy.. It's your primary duty here! 
You don't know how the Little One is feeling.. Hope all will settle soon! 
Why have you become so negligent? 
Go and get these things immediately! 
You should have been more attentive! etc.. etc.. 

For a while, the members were afraid of asking him why he was behaving thus but they could not keep quite for long and on a day one of the members straightaway questioned the elderly on his behaviour and demanded an answer from him..

The Head listened to the grievance patiently, smiled and said,

"Dear! You haven't understood me in the right spirit.. I was a responsible family man all these years and continue to be now too at my level!"

He paused for a moment and continued.. 

"You are all the fully grown individuals with your family responsibilities and it's your job to take care of yourself as grown up members.. I've nothing to do here as your guardian except fine advising and wishing for your good as the rest of the activities from A to Z are your responsibility as well as your wish.. 

We may be just living together but that doesn't mean that I am taking care of you.. Your daily 'miss and run' at work and at home will truly teach you how to manage all those situations and make you stand as the capable individuals and any help from my end extended at this stage will only block this precious learning going on in you.. 

But when it comes to the Little Ones of the family, it's different because every experience with them is totally new to you where as it's not so for me.. Here my experience of foreseeing the exigencies and care required is valuable for the Little Ones' growth and well being and in that context alone my physical support and advice are extended here in time.. 

Even if I am away from you, my follow-up in respect of the Little Ones forever goes on and the timely advices, visits and necessary resource support will always be there so that the take care stays all time high!" 

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