Wednesday, March 15, 2017


3 friends planned a great holiday trip to a distant jungle area.. They wanted to spend their time for a week away from the never ending routine and explore the surroundings..

They had a tough time in getting their leave sanctioned which was finally okayed..
  • "See here.. They give LTC and ask you to go on a holiday.. But the Boss tries to put a brake to it by rationing the leave!"
complained one friend..
  • "I'm not straight away that lucky.. I got to finish extra after my return.. Under that condition only my leave is sanctioned!"
murmured the second one..
  • "In your case at least your Boss sanctioned your leave without any pre travel strain.. Mine asked me to work over time all the days before I go on leave!"
fumed the third friend..
  • "We are in an unlucky slot.. We can't use even the facilities extended to us in a normal way!"
said the first one a bit emotionally..
  • "Yes.. Here, what's said on paper is one thing and what's practiced is another!"
supported the second one sadly..
  • "Okay cheer up folks.. We are on a great holiday trip.. Let's forget all this and enjoy the trip in total!"
consoled the third one..

Soon they were on their well planned great tour deep into the jungles.. To the most remote area and into the least known..

Moved on thus, they finally decided to camp near a hamlet where a few people were seen living.. Having settled for a while, they decided to explore the surroundings by foot and soon moved further deep into the forest area amidst the bushy, bushy trees..

Soon they met a man who was seen doing some cutting work..

They greeted him and as he responded told him that they were there on holiday on leave and as they overworked thru' overtime all those days, they deserve unwinding all that strain by exploring the jungle area and the surroundings..

The man listened to them in full and at length spoke,

  • "I understand what all you spoke except those statements that you overworked thru' overtime and you are on holiday on leave.. What exactly do they mean? Can you clarify?"
Keywords: holiday, leave, overtime, overworked


  1. Some points to ponder there. Why not take work as play and vice versa.

    1. That's truly nice if one can view thus, Durga Prasad.. Often boredom may force one find fault with the system but it's an irony that some not so much privileged ones are well kept off from all those benefits and made to work continuously.. The Post is a satire in this context.. Thanks for the right comment here!