Wednesday, February 14, 2024


There was an occasion of many young men and young women come together and had a great get- together..

Each one was explicitly joyful and found certain unique expressions coming out of them while communicating with their listener. In essence, the spirit of this communication existed essentially at 3 levels..
  • In respect of the first level, subsequent few interactions might have taken place but the parties remained just as acquaintances only for rest of their life as the essence of communication soon faded off with distance acting as a barrier.
  • In respect of the second level, the initial interaction lead to a certain closeness with each one started knowing more and more of the other and their like mindedness slowly bonded them together with a certain adoration for the other and in time that lead to close friendship breaking all the distant barriers.
  • In respect of the third level, the very first interaction bloomed into the Entity called 'Sacred Love' and whatever was the status of those couples, that 'Love' stood unique in their hearts and that being the gift of God could never find an alternative on the earth..

The first 2 levels of interactions do not create major problems of life as the closeness is still something different compared to the 3rd level of interaction as such a Love with every couple soon blooms into a relationship, in time that bonds over them for a life time but unfortunately in few cases that does not happen too.. In such cases, sooner or later the conflicts surface and a solution is to be necessarily worked out at the back untold misery in the hearts of two and the related people..

And the spirit of maintaining a warm and bonding relation between the couples forever goes with a discipline understanding very clearly that..

  • 'Basically I have a bounden duty towards myself.. I have to maintain myself in the best interests of health and safety..
  • Beyond this, as I am interested in the physical / psychological interactions in the world, I should be very much prepared to do that to bring back the stability in me while living.. Here, I'm always constrained to act within my limits as other people too are equally involved in their own way..
  • This interaction is nothing but living and managing and it needs all types of skills / techniques to be brought out of me.. And invariably I've to use those my skills/techniques in such a way that the Order in Creation is not disturbed or questioned..
  • The family is the group wherein I am destined to do some special actions as I entered into these so called contracts knowingly or unknowingly..
  • My family members have kept a trust in me and might have delegated certain responsibilities to me out of that faith in me.. Here, I forever should remain a Trustee to those materialistic assets of the family handed over to me in good faith and should continue utilizing those for the growth and betterment of the family members!' 
When such a discipline is adhered to in one's life, the relationships most of the times do remain intact joining all the loose knots therein as a service attitude prevails all the time..

All along, it's ever the duty of the elders and well wishers around to allow the couples at all levels of communication to interact freely as per the law of the land but equally constantly educate them on the discipline required therein and thus make them become aware of their own responsibility of maintaining a healthy relationship whatever they decide upon in their life..

Leaving this, if any one/group straight away forces the young couples behave in a particular way or tries to separate them, that act originally affects the basic human expression in caring for the other and truly does no good to the society at large!

The Post was originally written for the IndiSpire Prompt Do you feel that the intermingling between boys and girls should be stopped? We, as children, have always found playing with the opposite sexes much more fun and exciting. Write a post about your feelings about the decision about anti-Romeo squads. #AntiRomeoSquads

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  1. I second your thought, Sir... Nice write up. :)

    1. Thanks Arpita for the supportive and appreciative comment on the Post!