Thursday, April 6, 2017


When introduced to that..
  • "You can't call it less.. Just the normal only with the sum total of 'Plus' and 'Minus!' The 'Minus' is where my rightful entitlement is at stake and the 'Plus' is the extra I get that neutralizes the 'Minus.'.. Simple mathematics.. Nothing to worry.. If you don't take care here, you will ultimately end up with a life in which you can do nothing!"
Subsequently, when lured towards that..
  • "This is life.. Without these extras, this life is really meaningless. Let me not think too much here. Have to achieve at least something in my life!"
Later, when caught in its network..
  • "You see, how things around you move and glow? What's the use of great talks in life except starving yourself? These luxuries could never have been mine otherwise!" 
When got intoxicated under its influence..
  • "This is life.. I speak.. I rule.. I dictate.. There's nothing I can't do.. Just live a king's life; that's it.. This life is truly worthy of that!"
When that has gone into the head..
  • "How can I leave all these? Forget about preachings and all that stuff.. Let me make use of this one opportunity in my life.. There is no separate Heaven else where.. This only is that!"
On the D day..
  • “Oh my God, what will happen now? What 's the way out for me? I am squarely caught in a vicious circle from where there appears no escape.. Even Gods will not forgive me now.. My own people who were so close earlier feel that am alone the cause of their suffering now..
  • The friend who left me long back because I deviated is with all peace, happiness and contentment in his life and carries his own respect in the society.. He achieved the Ultimate in life where as I lost everything! 
Dear XXXXXXX, Why did you leave me and go away from my life? At one stroke, I've become nothing without you by the side.. None else are able to fill your gap!"

(XXXXXXX is left to guess as it is very much evident.. If can't get it, kindly click here.. Sorry for the little trouble!)

Keywords: peace, happiness, contentment


  1. felt like a pitch for network marketing....

  2. A nice comment here.. Thanks for the same!