Wednesday, April 12, 2017


"Sir! I know two of my friends who are almost 180 deg opposite in their social behaviors..

One, even in strange environment of about dozens of people around sure makes sizable friends in the first talk itself where as the other, moves amidst thousands untouched except putting up a smile when directly happen to come face to face. Both the friends, to my knowledge are the decent people in their lives, take care of their core responsibilities well and live with a good discipline all along.

Whenever I enquire for this difference in behaviors, the first one says..

  • "We humans are social beings.. What's the point in not actively interacting with people around and keeping to yourself all in your life? Sure, not a good behavior!"
The other says,
  • "Yes.. We are social beings.. But what's the point in interfering with others unless some one voluntarily approaches you with a requirement? Sure not a good behavior!"
I'm totally confused here.. Please tell me.. What's the right approach of our living in such situations?"

"Dear! Let's basically look at the fundamental freedom each one of us have in their lives to interact or not with others around and carrying respect for that expression alone, we should be discussing this issue of active interactions with others..

  • It's possible that I may, out of a weakness of myself not able to keep silence even for short time be interacting with each and every one around and speaking unnecessarily which could have simply done away with a simple behavior of smiling and leaving.. 
  • It's equally possible that I may, being highly self centered or out of an inferiority complex with me and an in built hatred towards others keep the minimum smile required and leave beyond unless I'm convinced that they are not comparable to me!
Both the attitudes are sure never the good social behaviors with any one and here we can say with all assertion that one is the type of
  • An interfering personality 
and the other
  • A stern faced adamant personality!
The right attitude in all such situations forever is going to be..

'I don't carry any prejudices and preconceived ideas with me as I move around amidst groups of people all along caring for my basic responsibilities in the situation and thus live thru'!'

  • In this context alone, the Great Men and Women of the Earth equally adapted both the methods of social interactions ranging from active involvement to totally keeping silence in their Noble Lives with questioning own self interest all along remaining on top priority with them thus forever becoming useful and helpful to mankind at large!"
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  1. Carrying no prejudices while in a social discussion certainly makes one more approachable and amicable... :-)

    1. Rightly said, Maniparna.. That's the exact way one's social behavior should be.. Thanks for the good comment on the Post!

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    1. Thank you Jitendra.. A nice comment on the Post!