Thursday, April 13, 2017


A  benevolent Ruler decided to be truly democratic in his approach and adapted a novel way of ruling his people.

He proclaimed,

  • “Knowledge is superior. Let people out of their full freedom say what comes to their mind. That'll be brought out and will be released as information to public. But since a man out of freedom may express wild ideas, the same would be screened and approved by the Expert Committee/s and then only it could released for public!"
A man had certain 'Special Ideas' with him and he wanted to make them known to public. He accordingly prepared a Write-up and presented to the King’s Court. The Officials received the same and asked him to wait.

Days passed. The man’s enquiry revealed that a Committee was set up to scrutinize the Write-up and approve the same. The man waited but there was no news on his issue.

When enquired again, he was told that the Committee had certain doubts on some of the issues of the Write-up and so referred to some more Committees.

The man again waited but soon found that it was of no use as an active debate was on certain modifications proposed on the Write-up. He got vexed and on a day took an appointment with the King and requested him to see that his Presentation was approved. The King gave a patient hearing to his problem and ordered his Court Officials to brief him on the progress.

Just then the Senior Official brought the corrected Write-up and handed over to the man saying,

  • “Sir! We just completed the checks. Now the Write-up can be released to public!”
The man quickly went through the corrected Write-up. A strange feeling overtook him instantly.

The Original Write-up was like an Inspirational Outburst of his thoughts. The corrected one looked entirely different as each word was weighed for pros and cons and then only allowed.

The man with a heavy feeling looked at one point and straight away asked His Majesty,

  • “Your Highness! I said this item which is used by many as on date is very good for human use. Even that is modified!”

When the King looked at it, it was written there.. 

  • "The particular item may be 'good' but presently a lot of studies are being carried out in this line. Out of that, there are opinions that it may be allowed as 'good' only when certain conditions are satisfied.

  • They are listed out in the Annexure..
  • Leaving this, we can say that it is 100% the right item for use, if the same is subjected to certain proved processes, all the 'bad of it' is removed and finally as the left out product can harm none, that only can be declared as the right one to use!”
The King himself was amused and voluntarily spoke out aloud,
  • “Such a modified item may not harm any one but it equally does no good too as it would be totally useless!”
The Senior Official admitted,
  • “I too agree with you, Sir! But then none can raise objection as that does no harm!”
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  1. Truly said, Sreedhar Ji. Liked your jibe on present scenario.