Tuesday, May 2, 2017


The greedy man ascertained:
  • "Earn max monies from every favorable situation 
  • Spend the minimum on living 
  • Save the maximum for future 
  • Never part till the end with your kith and kin 
And thus be secured in your life

Else you may listen to the painful talk around when you decide to count the left out gold and cash in the end,

'No need, Dear! The metal melted away and major cash vanished long back!'"

The careless man ascertained:

  • "Earn all the monies between 9-5 working, 
  • Spend and enjoy on living, 
  • Save the left out for future,
  • Part with whatever left out in the end

and thus be relaxed in your life

Else you may listen to the funny talk around when you greedily count the amassed gold and cash in the end,

'No use, Dear! The metal melts and the cash burns!'”

The noble man proclaimed:

  • "Earn the right monies through the best expression of your skills, 
  • Spend a decent amount on living and by giving a certain minimum to the needy in time without encouraging a bit of laziness around,
  • Save the optimum for future, 
  • Part with some of your finances in time with your kith and kin for their betterment! 
and thus be at Peace in your life

Else you may miss listening to the very much craved heart warming talk around in the end,

"No worries, dear! The metal shines in the right hands and the cash supports the right cause!"

Keywords: greedy man, careless man, noble man


  1. Well said. Balancing is the key to a peaceful life.

    1. Thank you very much for the appreciation.. You said it right!