Friday, May 5, 2017


'I want to be 
The Leading man
of my times!'
I thought.. The Inner Voice looked at me and said..
'What's the greatness of that title as you get it when many around volunteer following you without much protest?'

'Okay.. I can be 
The Strong man
in my area!'
I further thought.. The Inner Voice smiled at me and said..
'What's the greatness of that title too as many around you would indirectly be made weak in the process?'

'Leave it.. You can't say anything here.. I'm 
The Brave man 
of my times!'
I firmed up.. My Inner Voice again smiled at me and said..
'What's the greatness of such a title again as many around you have their own legitimate fears?'

'Alright.. Listen.. From my childhood I was told that I'm 
The Intelligent man
in my life!'
I said.. The Inner Voice giggled and said.. 
'Do you call it great when many around you were not blessed to be so?'

'It's my effort here.. I'm the 
The Learned man
of my times!'
I insisted.. The Inner Voice again giggled and said..
'Is it so? You are that because many around you had no such great chances in their life!'

'I am sure I'm 
The Smart man 
of my times!'
I said.. The Inner Voice laughed and said..
'What greatness is again of that title when many around you are simply straightforward?"

'Okay.. It's from others only here.. Can I say that I'm 
The Wise man
of my times?'
I meekly asked.. The Inner Voice laughed much louder and said.. 
'What greatness is of such a title as many around you were of more adjusting type?'

'Done.. But You should agree here.. You yourself saw me as 
The Successful man
of my life!'
I impressed upon.. The Inner Voice burst into the loudest laughter and said..
'Are you really happy? Do you know many around you were deprived of those very opportunities else they could have been much more than you?'

'Then, what can I be to be all by myself?'
I was thinking aloud.. The Inner Voice was totally silent..
Suddenly I felt at my heart for the ‘less’ of the other man in all the above brought out and firmed up to work sincerely in that direction for an improvement..
Instantly the Inner Voice proclaimed..
'Now, you may not be all that but are sure 
The Humble Man 
on the earth all by yourself!'

The humble man