Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Well before shifting to a new place..

“I don't like that place at all. I had personally visited the area a few days back. The place has too many problems of its own never noticed in my present area.

  • First of all it's a remote area and isn't well connected to the city at all. Distances are more everywhere. 
  • Here, for everything you have to struggle. And commuting to that place at night is truly an hectic task.
  • The people of the place look some what different. It appears, they are more suspicious of every thing.
  • I see the streets dark in the night. No proper street lighting. In these days of crime around, how much are we safe in such areas?
  • And, if an emergency strikes suddenly, where to run? By the time the Ambulance arrives, it would be easily an hour and the emergency may be in minutes.
  • Also getting any item for daily use is truly a Herculean Task in that place.

My present place has none of these problems. It's really a great place. I love my place. 

How nice it would be had I been allowed to continue staying here for the rest of my life?”

After a while shifting to the same place..

“This place seems very much alright. From distance, it appeared that it has problems but most of them are only imagined. In reality, they aren't the problems at all. 
  • People may say that this place is a remote area, but after shifting here for a single day also, I never felt that the place is remote. Going for work is never a problem as good transportation is available from here. And the beauty here is that everything is connected in its own style and that way ultimately we feel all are nearer only.
  • Coming to this place even at mid night too has a its own facility which works so perfect forget about the day time commuting for normal requirements.
  • Many people around have become familiar by now. They'll never go without smiling and wishing even if they are in urgency and that seems to be the uniqueness of this place.
  • Here a few times, streets may be a little dark in the night but when people are well known and very friendly, how does that matter? And what's the great use of bright lights at night in a place where crime is rampant?
  • Meeting an emergency? It's nothing. Local help is instantly available which will take care of the prime problems on the spot. You know, the system is so perfect; nothing goes wrong at any time in these matters. Even in the middle of cities, people had suffered for not getting the help in time.
  • I find that for essentials, even though you have to struggle a little, that struggle is really sweet. We, few friends always go together for such works and spend a good time in the company of one another. 
I am very happy in my new place. It's really a great place. I love my place. 

How nice it would be if I buy a piece of land in the surroundings in the right time and make my own house?”

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  1. I can relate with this post very deeply coz five years back we shifted to our own house, while we were discussing before our shifting some of these thoughts knocked into mind.
    Very nicely presented.

    1. Thanks Jyotirmoy.. Truly said.. It's an experience of all of us one time or the other.. A nice comment on the Post!