Friday, May 19, 2017


I had a perennial problem in my life for which I sought endless solutions.. 
But all those solutions appeared temporary only the problem continuing in some way or the other with me if not direct, in a discrete way.

At last many well wishers suggested that I should visit the local Library, start reading books on the subject problem and noting down the solutions given there in, try one by one, in time evaluate myself which solution best works for me and finally adapt the same..

No doubt, that looked interesting and I visited the Library in my area, straight went to the sections other than fiction and started looking for a way out for my problem which many times never appeared direct in any book and I had to make a thorough search there in.. In fact to say, I have to do a research on the subject matter.

But I found myself unlucky there as the solutions described there in which I tried to adapt did not yield a good result..

"What is the way out then?" was my constant question within..

Some one suggested, "For problems like yours, there's no direct solution. In fact, man made solutions forever are inferior for such problems. Why don't you make a habit of reading fictional books where in life is described in many ways with the associated twists and turns at the back of it's own problems and solutions.

And by adapting a deciphering process, you soon may find a solution to your problem or get lost into a different world with its own ups and downs and as you identify yourself there in, you may find a certain relief from your problem!"

That looked a bit odd to me but who knows sometimes solutions other than direct will work for problems of my nature which are more of not physical in nature..

With such an aim, I started reading many books of wonderful stories with meaningful messages and soon as that became a habit with me, my problem appeared become less ever supporting the Saying that 

'Books are the best friends!'

Thus I continued living in my own world of myself identifying with some of the characters of fiction I read and tried to forget my basic problem which equally appeared to be the the right solution ultimately..

But not in total till a day I got a glimpse of the Sacred Book Srimad Bhagavad Gita in the Racks of Philosophy..

Call it fiction or non fiction, it really doesn't matter as I've gone deep into the philosophy of life by reading the Great Book from end to end, I suddenly noticed that the problem I experienced in life is no problem at all and in fact that is only called 'Life' and I only mistook that to a problem.

Thus Srimad Bhagavad Gita had taught me the true spirit of living at the back of various problems of life by the side

  • With a smile, 
  • With an attitude of service to humanity,
  • With a feeling of identifying with Cosmic Oneness where in the phenomenon merges with noumenon!
And in time as it is said, 

'Truth is stranger than fiction',

those glimpses of truth alone brought a glow to my other wise dull life forever showing me a path wherein..

'I am made to see a problem as not a problem but task in front throwing away part of my ignorance and thus rise in my life as I start dismantling the endless walls of selfish expression I built around and make way for a service attitude enter my life non stop thereby finding a greater meaning to my life day after day thru' the sub-genre therein Viz; 

'The Selfless Actions' 

with the 2 Slokas of the Great Book ever conveying what to do in the crisis situation thus..

'matra-sparshas tu kaunteya sitosna-sukha-duhkha-dah
agamapayino’nityas tams titiksasva bharata'

(Chapter II Verse 14)

“The mere contact of Senses as is, O Son of Kunti, cause heat and cold, pleasure and pain. They come and go and they are impermanent. Endure them bravely, O descendant of Bharata!"


'tasmad asaktah satatam karyam karma samacara
askto hy acaran karma param apnoti purasah'

(Verse 19 Chaper III)

'Without attachment, without interruption perfectly perform prescribed actions since by performing those actions a person achieves the highest good!'

Perfectly befitting to my problem and the very much needed solution!

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  1. You are absolutely right about having the right attitude :) It helps me all the time..

    1. Thanks Veidehi.. A good appreciative comment on the Post!

  2. Bhagavat Gita is the ultimate book of knowledge. Everyone should read it at least once. Then many of our misconceptions will be cleared.

    1. Thank you Durga Prasad for the right comment here.. Yes.. Every time we read the Gita, something new will sure strike us.. That's the beauty of this Great Book!