Monday, May 15, 2017


The 4 dynamic men well positioned in the society on a visit to a place were quite annoyed with what they experienced all along. A few hands were quickly out at number of places and something constantly was heard..

"Please help me!”

No doubt they helped out there but equally were angry.

  • "It's too much.. The easiest path chosen by some of these people if not all. They don't want to work even though they are capable and resort to this practice.. What a pity!"
  • "Often greed is at the back of this evil. It has just become a disease in the society.. You know a few of them make riches we can never imagine.. Recently I got those figures and you won't believe........!"
  • "I say.. It's just the sincerity that is very much lacking here. May be someone's hard earned money but easily coming into my hands.. Why say no?"
  • "Whatever said and done, I don't like the way they pester people around.. Isn't it shameful to stand in front of some one with extended palms and and go on asking......?"
Soon back to their place they were on their mobile phones..
  • "Hello.... Is it....? Sir, I'm Rajesh.. Yes.. Yes.. One phone call from you..... is good enough.. Rest I'll take care.. Of course, my present job is good but when you look at the work schedules, you yourself suggest me the change.. The job in the other Dept. has no such running round and is really peaceful. Presently I need this change.. 
Please help me!"
  • “Sir, I'm Dinesh.. How are you? I've retired last month. You know, what it means when the earning suddenly stops and there's no way of making such money in future. Sir! I left a Note Sheet on your table before retirement for your perusal and approval. I need this job very badly.. 
Please help me!”
  • “Hello! This's Suresh.. Yeah.. You got me.. Sir.. The reason why I rang up is.. We are in the Financial Year end and for my Company and from this year I'm in charge of..... and I've to show the Figures. I’ll explain you everything. Here you will gain and I will gain. Am coming home tomorrow.. 
Please help me!”
  • “Sir! I am Mahesh! Hope you remember me. Last week, you were at our Place asking for some items. Sir.. Tomorrow, I will bring a Form to you. You have to just fill up a few details of yours and sign. Rest, I’ll take care. This Form, you know is really useful to get me a quick promotion and I very badly need this presently..
Please help me!”

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  1. Yes, it's the same story always... people like to be helped but don't understand the value of working hard....

    1. You touched the very right point.... Thanks for bringing out a good comment on these Pages!