Saturday, May 13, 2017


It was early morning rain and it's said that the morning rain never stops. But I, the newly promoted Manager had to move on to my Office in that continuous rain. And I shouldn't be late as the Boss never liked it.

I thus waded thru' waters and after a hectic travel of 45 minutes, finally reached my Office half wet but in time. As I was drying myself quickly over a cup of hot coffee served on my table, the telephone rang. The Boss wanted me in his Cabin immediately.. I gulped the coffee, rushed to the Boss Cabin and wished him with a smile..

The Boss was busy looking into a few papers and without raising his head said, ‘Dear! Our Client called for a Meeting in their Office at 10 AM today.. I can't come as I have a meeting with our GM in the same time.. You please attend the Meeting and brief me when you return, OK?”

Having no chance to speak a single extra word other than saying ‘Yes, Sir!’ I quickly moved out looking at my watch. It was already 9 AM. The Company vehicle was ready, I got into that and soon was at the Client's Office and in the non stop rain.

To my bad luck, the meeting with the Client ended in a tug of war where I became a mute witness to an argument between the Client and another powerful Group. The meeting closed abruptly and I was asked to leave.

Quite tensed up, I returned and as I wanted to brief the Boss on the outcome of the meeting, I got a strict instruction from his Secretary that I should resolve the latest issue with the Client myself only as he didn't want to become a party to that conflict..

I felt bad that ultimately I had to give testimony for the coming up of war and instantly got dejected for a while but soon firmed up in my mind, 'Let me face it!' I thus continued my afternoon left out work and by the time I completed all, it was just 15 minutes to the closing hrs of 4 PM..

Having done a hard day's work of running round, I felt like going home 15 minutes early and relax as my family was away at my Native place..

I switched off the mobile phone for a while and straight headed home.. Soon I reached my home but to my bad luck, a bore well digging machine was seen next to my home working at its full with a deafening noise spread out around..

I turned the key and stepped in. What I saw....

in the semi darkness straight was the light glowing from the landline phone with the ringing sound almost unheard amidst deafening noise around. I quickly closed the door and as I picked up the phone, the Boss's voice was instantly heard at the other end..

  • “You went away early today and switched off your mobile phone? I was struggling to contact you.. How can you go away like that without informing me and switching off your mobile phone as you like? I'm not happy dear..
  • Okay.. Listen.. our Client wants you to go with him tomorrow itself on out station duty to.... to resolve the issue that came up in today's morning meeting.. I'll brief you on the details and the immediate preparation required at your end on this..
  • And I want to discuss with you on the outcome of my today's meeting with our GM and you have to take up immediately the task of........
  • My driver will be at your door step in half hr time to pick you up.. Please be ready!"
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  1. Guess, what happens in many organisations when crisis strike. Interesting.

    1. Yes.. It's a no escape situation as well as the right way of living alone.. All coolness is never welcome here! Thanks for the comment..

  2. Readymade answers are not available for every situation. We have to work it out on our own.

  3. Rightly said, Ravish.. And there is no fixed time for the problem to come up and it never gives us time to resolve that at our own convenience.. That's called Work with us and it's almost part and parcel of every one in this life.. Thanks for the good observation here!

  4. Thanks Veidehi for promoting the Post on G+!

  5. The Boss is also under pressure and they try to share it with juniors to redeem their own.

  6. To speak correctly, the demand from the Customer who pays our salaries is the primary driving force everywhere in the work environment and there's no escape from that for every one in the chain.. But look at the other way, without that job, I am nothing in the world and the next moment pushed to a corner.. It just appears to us that the Bosses are venting out their anger.. Thanks for a good observation here, Jyotirmoy and equal thanks for promoting my this Post on G+!