Saturday, May 27, 2017


  • Adverse comments are often made by me in the absence of a person because the cornered man is totally defenseless there. Do I have the real courage to do the same in front of the person? 
  • Such comments from me on the other man exposes nothing but my low self esteem. Why am I ridiculing myself thus in front of all? 
  • Further, the moment such words cross my tongue, they have their own astronomical speed of spreading around over which I quickly lose my control with others taking away the bridle in no time. Why am I exposing myself so badly? 
  • The members in my group who are a party to my this commenting are either the ones like me who can equally do the same to me in my absence or may be having much bigger plans in that direction. Am I not dangerously exposing myself here? 
  • A friend on this date or a future friend will surely be lost through this nefarious act. And a permanent enemy zone is automatically created around me without a say. What am I aiming ultimately? 
  • The serious question here is.. Why am I doing this at all? May be there is no serious work with me worth doing. Am I really a no great contributor in life? 
  • 'It's a way of relaxation to relieve the stress within!' I may say.. The question is.. Have my relaxation techniques stooped down to such low levels? 
  • There is always a 'black' on my back. The habit of such commenting very much makes me forget it's existence. And a supporting statement like, "We too have defects but we never showed up like this!" covers up that permanently. What am I ultimately doing? 
  • His is one way of life and mine is another way. Both are purely the relative ways of living in the eyes of the Almighty. Where's it said that mine is superior? 
  • My four walls are part of the Universe. I live on the same Planet as the other man. I look many ways like him only. I express and expand like him only. I exist and finally exit like him only. Would I be so much different in the issue I am talking of here? Even if different, how does it matter when the end is the same for both of us? 
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  1. Basic thoughts and behavior we should be aware of in our dealings with people. This one I think of often "A person commenting about others to me definitely does the same of me in my absence"

    1. Rightly said, Swati.. The best discipline here is to totally refrain from this type of commenting which if I become conscious of that will easily be able to do.. Thanks for the good observatory comment here!

  2. Thanks Veidehi for promoting the Post on G+!