Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Two friends working in an Office took 2 week holiday and went on a vacation trip. The first friend was of the conviction, 

"I'm off from my work for 2 weeks and going on vacation. I spend my best time here with my family and enjoy my trip!"

The second friend had a different thought like, 

"Yes.. I'm off from my work for 2 weeks on vacation. I'll see that my family will have the best time in this period but equally and indirectly follow up with the happenings at my Office too from my Assistants!"

In that way, both the friends completed their vacation and returned to their base. 
The very next day both of them were in their Office.

The first friend initially no doubt was a relaxed man but having gone a bit beyond in that relaxation mentally, lethargy over took him temporarily and that attitude indirectly created its own confusion at his work on his return.

"Dear! I don't know how you appear so cool at Office. I feel dull and a bit lethargic. It seems, I need some more time to come to the line. My family is unhappy that I've gone away immediately on our return to my work. I too was thinking of extending my leave by a couple of days and relax a little more at home. But as you know, we won't get that extra sanction so easily. It's all confusion for a while!" h
e said.

The second friend no doubt was a fully relaxed man after the trip but as he was constantly following up with what was happening at his work spot in his absence, he was up-to-date there indirectly and could take over the same without any hitch. 

He smiled and replied, 

"Dear! That's the exact reason why I never left the follow up of my work when I was away. And that indirectly helped me in many ways such as..
  • I'm up-to-date on the happenings here this moment.
  • My Assistants too are in trim condition to take my order in respect of the on-going work with us.
  • My office is kept in good clean condition as that work was done almost daily by the staff which I followed up from my side.
  • My family too had understood that my work is important and so they never questioned me for being away from them for a while following up with all that but happily joined with me for rest of the time.
  • So today, as I'm back to my work and they too are back to their schedules without much fall back upon me.
  • And the last but the most important point every one including my family members, the Assistants at Office and indirectly myself too understood thru' this discipline that all of our own activities can go well only when the work at Office is taken care to the best in the right time without sidelining!
So when it's said that 'Work is Worship', I'm understanding that that worship is nothing but doing with devotion every bit of work with us related to Office activities, personal care, family welfare, or the neighborhood support every moment of our living depending on the priority at that moment.. If I thus live my life all the 24 hrs thru' 365 days in a year, where's the problem and where's the conflict with us at any point of time?"


  1. I've tried both the approaches, and I have to admit, the second one worked better than the first!

    1. I too lived thru' the second discipline during my Service Period Priyanka and that truly helped me a lot.. I can't get away from our works/duties forever on this earth just because temporarily I'm away somewhere else for a while.. Thanks for the supportive comment!

  2. this is the reason why i don't immediately switch myself in my work after spending days off,it would be better if the first one have enjoyed 13 days as holiday and would have come back to work after taking rest for one day and in that day he could sum up his works. how is the idea ?

    1. Yes.. That too works well many times Jyotirmoy unless the activities are not that much time bound and do not stand aloof as burning issues where timely care and attention become a great back up support.. Thanks for taking interest in the topic and bring out the valuable suggestion!