Saturday, June 17, 2017


It was early morning hrs of winter.. The boy of 16 was up but yet to be out of the comfort of the bed, his dad's voice was heard in distance..

"Why are you still sleeping? Are you okay? You should not waste precious morning hrs. Of late, you are missing many tasks which I asked you to do..
  • I struggled and got.... You showed no interest.... 
  • I requested my friend.... but you never....and 
  • I enrolled you for.... but you left it in the middle! 
  • You don’t move from the house, 
  • You don’t talk to people and 
  • You don’t do your works! 
How do you expect yourself to be a man of something tomorrow? No, I'll not allow it any more.. Today...."

The boy equally murmured at the back of a spontaneous reaction in him..

“He never says at least once in my life time that I did something right. I'm trying my best everywhere but somehow it's not clicking. Beyond this what else I can do? Always saying learn, learn and learn.. Very easy to say. Better, sometimes I'm left alone!”

That evening as planned the dad and the son moved out to the Shop 3 km away from their home. There the son alone was made to
  • Bargain for the right prices, 
  • Select the good items, 
  • Check for the weights, 
  • Move all the bundles into a small open van hired, 
  • Sit in a corner at the back of the van holding two big tins of oil, a few packets of powders in both hands and thus 
  • Move homewards!
It was a journey of 20 minutes in the hazardous slow traffic, the vehicle waded thru' all that and was crossing a canal over a narrow bridge at a considerable height. As the vehicle reached the top, it suddenly swiveled, moved to the side and rested on the edge of the road tilting precariously towards the waters deep down.

The father totally taken a back of the sudden happening, instantly jumped out of the vehicle shouting aloud at his son,

"Dear! Leave everything and first get down from the vehicle!"

The boy was worried of the items he was holding and thus shrugged for a while from getting down the vehicle. Seeing that, the dad instantly pulled him down with such a great force that the items went off from the son's hands and in no time, all the oil splashed on to the road, a few powders were everywhere around and some items straight away slipped down into the waters below.

The dad hugged his son tight and holding his hand firmly said,

"Don't worry, dear! You are safe. That's enough for me. Let the rest go!"

For a while some confusion prevailed all round. The driver quickly lifted the vehicle, set it right and soon they headed home wards.

That night passed off pretty cool and calm. The son was truly elated all along. After all he was not less and was something special to his dad..

"He sure has a great concern for me.. Thank God.. one incident brought me so close to him.. I'm really lucky.. He knows me now!"

It was twilight morning hrs of the next day.. As the boy was relaxing a little extra in his bed at the back of the memories of previous day's incident, all of a sudden, the loud voice of his father was heard..

"Why are you still sleeping?......... You should not waste.... Of late, you are missing many.....
  • I struggled...... 
  • I requested..... and 
  • I enrolled you..... 
  • You don’t move...... 
  • You don’t talk.... and 
  • You don’t do..... 
How do you expect yourself to be a man of something tomorrow? No, I'll not allow it any more.. Today...."

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    1. Thank you very much for the appreciation....You write really very well on your Subject.... A Blogger's Original Intuition is truly a Gift of God.....Best Wishes!