Friday, June 16, 2017


I am a bundle of desires ever working to satisfy them as I live thru' my life.

I basically have no control on the quantum of desires with me as well as in saying no to them except streamlining them in the line of Worldly Order around me thru' certain legal and social measures prevailing thus safe guarding my interests as well as satisfying myself at my expression level.

Left thus, I am equally a dynamo of certain thrust in me called intuition which forever propels me to find out something ever new as I live this life with a constant questioning in my surroundings thru' the 7 questioning methods available with me Viz.,

WHAT and

As I start leading my life thus on this earth,

  • My desires constantly propel me to get into a certain belief of happening good to me so that they can continuously be kept satisfied but
  • My intuition which comprises the 7 questionings mentioned above too propels me to constantly negate this believing, do the experimentation and find out what is what..

When my intuition is strong in me, this questioning is seen on the top priority of course my basic desires invariably getting satisfied at a certain level.. Here, I should understand that the lighter desires alone are kept to a side and that is exactly the time when I do not enter into any belief so easily and appear as if I am questioning everything everywhere..

But when this basic level itself comes under threat, no doubt as I at this moment have no absolute control on its existence, I will yield, get off from the scientific temper sooner and get into a firm belief of something called the superstition which will simply be adapted by me so that my basic level of existence is well protected.

Thus forever exists my belief of any thing and none can educate me or guide me to get out of this and be with scientific temper as I alone ultimately have to do that but to do that the Knot Level at which I exist has to be broken and I should be freed.

When and how it happens is never known to me at this moment and thus I continue my living on the earth alternating between pleasure and pain endlessly!

The Post is written in line with the IndiSpire Prompt


  1. I think you would relate with my post on superstition. The knot level barrier is something which is innate to us.

    1. You said it right, Chakrapani.. There are such 8 Knots defined in the process of Elevation in Philosophical Path. It is said when one crosses these 8, one attains Liberation. And further too, it is repeatedly ascertained that crossing any one of these Knots is never thru' a definite discipline involving time.. Thanks for the good observation on the Post!

  2. The problems of real life may push us out of the rational sphere into the realms of faith and then superstitions too make their entry. I agree. But I also think that it is not very difficult to question the illusions and self-delusions.

    1. I am a certain personality of living this moment which is continuously subject to change and at this moment, I am 100% happy only if that personality of mine is totally safeguarded. My intuition by my side equally reminds me on and off the threats existing around my personality over which I see myself having no absolute control whatever precautions I may take. That unhappiness cannot continue with me, I sure want to end it at the earliest and thus my so called superstitions take a hold on me covering up the dangers perceived. Thus further life goes on and here even though the truth around me constantly is ready to remind me what is what and I'm in no mood to listen beyond that unless I alone experience the pros and cons of living that life with the associated beliefs and firm up to another level personality. Thus continues my life on the earth with the end never known.

      No doubt, you brought out the very valid point of discussion here and I think I could clarify on this to the best of my level which is nothing but my own perception of living this life this moment. Thanks a lot for bringing out the most important point of discussion on the Post!