Friday, June 2, 2017


Initially, left to my wish and will and with a contempt attitude I used to react whenever people tried to judge me saying within myself..
"No doubt it's a problem with me. But of late, I see often people talking about it!
Why every one is so much bothered about my this problem alone? They should mind their work! 
If I try to open the topic a bit, people are ready to know the details. I should ever be extra careful!
This is totally my personal issue. Who is some one to talk on this? 
This is too much. The man doing this doesn't know that he is wasting his precious time and energies just to talk on this. How mean people are! 
Of late, I am fed up of being so alert. Hereafter, if some one talks on my problem, I'll open their history and they have to run away from me. They sure very much deserve that!"

With such a burning in my heart which almost made me a living corpse in my life, that night as usual as I went to sleep, I had the strangest dream of my life wherein the wise man in distance was seen smiling at me saying.. 

"What a great mistake you are doing in your life! 
Instead of bringing out the best in you by making use of your time and energies in the right way, you are constantly diverting the same to 
Make a note,
Murmur within,
Become angry
Criticize and finally live by 
Hating others..
Thereby adding a greater insult to the already injured ego of yours by degenerating your personality in front of others! 

Do you know? 

Whenever the Great Man was praised, He used to feel instantly restless, continue His search and find out any small mistake He was doing, bring it out in front of others making it clear to them that He was not that Great and then alone used to be at peace.. 
He firmly believed that yielding to praise in life is an eternal trap and sooner He comes out of that and start accepting own mistakes, the better and in the process when people judge they really are helping Him out in cleansing!"

"Got the point.. But what about myself judging others?"
I meekly asked. The wise man was heard further clarifying.. 

"You are already doing that when you react to you being judged by others.. 

When the disciples were not happy with the man of ill-repute visiting the Ashram regularly the Great Saint said, 
'I see this man daily coming to this place in time, himself well dressed and groomed and sits thru' full time paying all the attention. None of you are doing that as I see you all daily. Why don't you learn these good habits of him and implement?' 
confirming the fact that it's ever good for one to see as much good in the the other man as possible and carry that respect for the man instead of resorting to the easy path of criticizing bringing out the man's defects which indirectly is nothing but oneself again degrading in front of others!"

Suddenly, I got up from my sleep and as I slowly came to senses, I realized that sure I got a Great Lesson but that message to percolate into me it needed
Constant watching,
Timely correction,
Strengthening in between with booster doses and finally
The God's Grace
for which the only way in front of me is to clean my house, keep it open and wait patiently humbly doing my ordained duties..

The Hardest Lesson of my life but sure
The Most Valuable Life-time Lesson!

The Post is written in line with the 

Judging, being judged


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    1. Thanks Anita for the appreciative comment on the Post!

  2. Judging and being judged is useful at times and useless at other times!