Monday, May 29, 2017


"See my dear! There's no problem. You have to just do it and forget about it. That's what I expect you to do here. It's that simple. Okay?"
  • "I understand.. But.."
"Don't worry about the extra costs involved here.. They are all well within control. I promise.. You'll never be put to hardship in respect of these finances. I'm ready to give some advance to you to start the work. Satisfied?"
  • "That's all okay.. My problem is..." 
"Okay.. Okay.. I got it. You will be away for few days and are worried about certain personal issues to be resolved in that context. My Assistant will work for you to help out in these matters. That way your issues will be well taken care of.. So you are on the job!"
  • "Actually, all that what you say is not the problem.. I feel..." 
"Yaar! You mean a dedicated network should be at your disposal to take care many issues on the spot. No problem, my group which works on these issues will be fully at the disposal of your orders and..... Ok.. I'm leaving now.. You will brief me in the evening on the progress made!"
  • "No.. Not all these are the issues... I want to..." 
"Right.. I got your point.. You wanted some more monies.... Okay.. Are you satisfied with....? "
  • "You are not allowing me to say..." 
"Okay.. Got it.. You wanted that file of yours pending since so many days should be approved.. I promise, I'll personally talk to.... and.... I agreed to every requirement of your here and made you the happiest.. In fact, you should thank me now.. Right?"
  • "None of these are my issues and I don't want anything from your end in this line!" 
"What are you saying dear? What's your problem here?"
  • "I don't want to do the job you are forcing me to do as I feel it's wrong on my part to take up such jobs. I'm sorry I cant helps here, whatever you say. Give me the right job in it's place, I'll sure do it without any support and I'm happy to do that!"
Keyword: the right job


  1. Thanku so much sir, for stopping by, your presence alone has encouraged me to continue strong in this blogging journey. You are such a good storyteller :)

    1. That's so nice of you to say so.. Sure, I try my best and bring out in coming days good Posts on life aspects in general!