Wednesday, June 7, 2017


Forever filled with certain strange facts.. 

My negligent faster movements of life in no time lead to accidents/failures with
The extra careful movements often creating the over protection syndrome..
And the controlled faster movements of mine forever support my sport/exercise/fitness/limited business activities at the back of 
Careful movements alone making my normal living! 

A man who says the right thing all the time and in all places is a Leader, 
Who says the right thing only in the right time or in the right place is a man of Diplomacy,
Who says the right thing in the wrong time or in the wrong place may be a Stupid but sure
Who says the right thing here and the wrong thing there is a man of Politics! 

Too many calculations or too little outlook will forever cause stress taking off happiness in life but
 Accommodation and moderation alone sure can do the reverse!

Abundance and shortage exchange places in no time because every lac has only 1000 hundreds and not a single one more to that. But no regrets..
 I spend, I enjoy and I remain.. 
Sure long, minus of all those petty hundreds! 

Whenever I talk on my expertise I needn't worry as  most of the times, the listener would be either not an expert in my field or an expert of my type and
Sure birds of the same feather forever have to flock together!

A 100% Capitalist Rule in the world is ever an utopia as 
'Might alway is Right!'
And equally a 100% Socialist Rule too is a myth  because 
'Laziness is forever the Universal Phenomenon!' 
In between alone, anything works!

Whenever a person gets power or position in life, some of his wrong doings through force of habit which no doubt will have sizable effect on the administration are neatly buried for sometime knowingly or unknowingly.. 
Sure, a typical summer looks cool for a while thru' shaded glasses!

In young age, the ideas are out of certain unique innovations at the back of a great zeal of expression.. Through maturity, they forever are out of influence from surroundings at the back of vested self interests as
All flourishing lies when one reads between the lines and just stays there!

Who says.. The deficiencies in the world are unwelcome? 
A deficiency in man ever 
Creates few jobs for some around who are smart enough to express in that line!

In life, there is sure cushion to accommodate even an astronomical change because 
Any adjustment becomes easy when cornered which in an easy going style would have been resisted tooth and nail!

Life, strange facts


  1. These are nuggets of wisdom sir. Liked the definition of Leader, Manager, Stupid & Politician.

    1. Thanks, Somali.. Your Comment is an addition to what is said!

  2. wonderful nuggets of wisdom Sreedhar sir... thank you for sharing :-)

    1. Thanks Archana.. Happy to have such an appreciative Comment on the Post!

  3. Thank you so much sharing these beautiful and thought-provoking words of wisdom, sir.

    1. Thank you Ragini for such nice appreciative comment on the Post!