Wednesday, July 26, 2017


The Customer rang up the phone..

  • “The activities are planned to start at 0630 PM. The time is 0600 PM. The Supplies have not come to the spot!”
The man at the other end replied,
  • "Sir! We are already on the way. We'll sure be there by 0630 PM!”
The Customer was a bit annoyed. He raised the level..
  • “Your people should be here at least by 0600 PM. They are saying that they come only at the exact time. By chance they get delayed on the way?"
The Supervisor said,
  • “Sir! I understand your anxiety. No problem.. I am coming there at 0615 PM itself and I follow up with my men!"
The Supervisor rang up the Team Worker, 
  • ”Where are you now?”
  • “Sir! we take a min of 45 mts to reach the place. That way, we will be there only by 0645 PM!
  • “Ok.. You come there by 0645 PM and I can be there by 0630 PM as I'm 15 mts ahead of you in traffic. Let me ask our Boss to talk to the Customer and answer him on the 15 minute delay from our end because of heavy traffic!”
The Supervisor rang up the Boss and explained the situation. The Boss asked,
  • “Can all of you reach there by 0645 PM?”
  • “Oh! That is very easy, Sir! In fact, I'll be reaching 15 mts earlier as I'm ahead in traffic!
  • “OK.. Be there at 0645 PM but tell the people there that you were waiting since 0615 PM, your men came there exactly at 0630 PM and you were all searching for the Customer!”
The Supervisor could not understand head and tail of what his Boss had said. As ordered by the Boss, they reached the place at 0630 PM and 0645 PM and told the related people when asked that they reached at 0615 PM and 0630 PM and were searching for their Customer. The people there asked them to wait saying that the activities were yet to start. Got relieved, they were relaxing for a while when the Customer came to them at 0700 PM saying,
  • "Is everything OK?”
They again repeated the Boss' words,
  • “Sir we are here from 0615 PM and 0630 PM onwards waiting for you!”
  • “Good! Actually the activities start at 0730 PM but I just brought you in advance saying that it starts at 0630 PM!”
In no time, the Boss rang up to the Supervisor..
  • "Okay.. I saved you this time and saved our Agency from getting a bad name. Next time no excuse; I expect you to be in time!"
The friend with the Boss who was hearing to all that talk asked,
  • "Dear! How could manage this with such an open lie?"
The Boss smiled and said,
  • "The Customer was going in front of our Office at 0600 PM in his vehicle. To reach his home, he takes 1 hr minimum and without him the activities can't start. I estimated this and quickly told my folks to say that they were there from 0615 PM and 0630 PM. When the Customer reached at 0700 PM my people were already there of course from 0630 PM and 0645 PM only.
I agree that there were many 'ifs' and 'buts' in this entire drama. I just took the calculated risk from my end as there was almost no go for us with the Customer ready to corner us and saved ourselves from getting a bad name.. And luckily it clicked in the nick of the time and helped us!” 

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