Saturday, June 10, 2017


“When you’re happy and you know it, and you really want to show it - clap your hands!” 

I might have taught the Little One that Rhyme myself reciting it aloud along with firm clapping and 
the Little Boy seeing me doing that might have repeated the same out of a natural happiness within.. 
But when I looked at myself, it appeared I was not truly blessed with such happiness the Little One possessed as my endless worries constantly were seen eating me out..

I was helpless that way for some time when on a day by the Grace of God my mind all of sudden advocated..

'Why not follow
The 8 Golden Principles 
in life to the best of abilities and be done away with this unhappiness?' 

As the Message slowly percolated into my personality, I found myself not so helpless and hopeless with a deep understanding in my heart that 

true happiness sure follows if I stick to that discipline with those 
8 Precepts of Life
forever going thus.. 

Lawful attitude forever is the true safety net. 'The dead End' of unlawful living is sure the welcome gate to the 'Hell!' 

A sincere and hard work makes one a wonderful human. A second thought here in no time brings down that great title! 

Discharge of family responsibilities to the core brings in the true joys of life. A neglect here is definitely a life time regret! 

Money truly gives a feeling of safety and security and helps one all along the life. A craving for and a wrong use of this one entity surely leaves the individual with a single choice between the 'Devil and Deep Sea!' 

Challenges are definitely the opportunities in front of to grow and expand. Devoid of the challenges invariably is the inevitable rotten routine left out! 

Charity as part of one's life makes the individual a certain sure worth. Devoid of charity, what else can be the plan of one's leaving the world? 

Preservation of Nature forever is a healthy way of living. Destruction of the same is the waiting chance for disease and disaster! 

A sincere Prayer to God is the sure outlet of many tensions of life and conflicts around. No such Prayers; who else can rescue from the Eternal 'Fear of Unknown?' 

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