Thursday, June 15, 2017


On a cool day, a man and his friend were walking on the road. A group of urchins followed them asking for some money. The friend was about to shout at and send them away but
  • The man stopped him from doing that, took out some cash and eatables from his bag and gave them away!
On another occasion, the two were traveling by train. A co-passenger befriended the man and after few exchanges requested him to lend him a small sum as he had fallen short of that during the travel and promised to send back the amount to his address in a week's time. The friend signaled him to ignore the passenger but
  • The man straight away took cash from his purse gave the passenger what he asked!
On a third occasion the man had planned a Pilgrimage to a Sacred Place and booked a small accommodation at the place in advance for his stay. As he was ready to go, his younger brother rang up and said, “I heard you are visiting the Pilgrimage Center. Can you in person book the VIP Facility there for our accommodation for.........?" The friend with the man listening to the conversation expected him to say some excuse there but
  • The man instantly agreed to his younger brother's request!
Not able to control his feelings any more, the friend asked, “My dear! I am observing you for a while in some of your actions.
  • At one place you encouraged alms giving, easy money and laziness,
  • At another place you simply believed and wasted your money on a cheat may be by giving a loan, 
  • And you are now going to work for your brother who never cared for your betterment but expected the best for himself!

  • Bearing the nuisance
  • Loosing and 
  • Not getting recognized but struggling
Where as you yourself could have
  • Shouted at,
  • Simply denied and 
  • Not agreed to
in the situations. What is that you are ultimately getting in your life by doing in this way?”

The man smiled and said, “My dear! The story goes..

When a Sage was meditating in a lonely area, a thief having robbed the king’s treasury came that way when the guards chased him, suddenly dropped all the gold and cash in the the Sage's lap and fled. When the guards spotted the Great Man and questioned Him, the Sage simply said,

‘Yes, I committed the theft!’

Instead of speaking out what is what. In my case, I too humbly feel that

  • I should help a person who is far less placed in society compared to me without questioning that is right or wrong, 
  • I should just help a man who requests for a small benefit without doubting him whether he would return that or not and 
  • I should help my brother to the extent possible without expecting any return! 
As doing such actions alone bring the true peace in my life!