Friday, June 23, 2017


I was staying far, far away removed thousands of miles from my Native Land on the other part of the Globe no doubt on my Work Mission and forever around me were..
  • The sounds of starting, water splashing, whipping, again water splashing etc for almost half an hr of the washing machine.. 
  • The sounds of starting followed by the constant rotation sound and finally the machine coming to a halt making a screeching noise after some 20 minutes of the associated dryer.. 
  • The continuous water sprinkling sounds followed by jets of water hitting the vessels and repeating the same for another half hr approx of dish washer.. 
  • A big start of motors followed by a continuous air blow sound of AC plant.. 
  • A continuous humming motor sound of the air humidifier in the vicinity.. 
  • Certain sharp conversational sounds and some Western Music oft heard on TV..

Without a single break in their working schedules..

Thus moved on my life for years no doubt it was one of the best livings talked of around which I too thought so for years but as time passed, I felt that I constantly missed something which I could never spell out as a specific entity..

All of a suddenly on a day I had to travel back to my place, accordingly I did all that and reached my destination.  The  next day early morning hrs, as I was standing near my window quietly watching the outside the busy market area next to my residence, I happened to hear in place of my well accustomed sounds some feeble voices not so audible but as I paid close attention, I could distinctly hear them and quickly match them with their counter parts seen deep rooted in my heart over years back since my birth exactly resonating to the tune of what I heard outside just then..
  • “Sir! I can’t sell this for the price you asked for.. If I start doing that, what money can I take home and feed my family?” 
  • “Madam, these are the fresh items arrived just now.. You are almost the first buyer here..” 
  • “Give me 'Do Chai' today.. My friend is here.. He has come after a long time..” 
  • “Let’s have a break.. Are you not hungry a little? Let’s have our favorite Chat at..” 
  • “It’s continuous holidays for schools for 3 days.. My daughter wanted to see the Market and buy something for herself...” 
  • “Ok! Dear! I'm going now.. Please, come home tomorrow.. I‘ll show you some of the……” 
As those soothing sounds touched my ears, an instant unknown warmth felt in my heart made me dance with an explicit joy and as the pace of my dancing increased, I suddenly woke up from my deep sleep of that night with the calling bell indirectly doing that job in the early morning hrs..

I moved from my bed and as I quickly opened the door, the milk boy at the door instantly greeted me in his own accent with a broad smile, handed over the daily required milk sachets and moved on making my day begin truly with a big cheer in my heart as I recollected my dream of

  • The enchanting familiar sweet voices of my Native Land spoken far and wide in different languages, with different accents and in different tempers but all forever spoken with a close knit feeling in the hearts of people
Doubly asserting that cheer of mine!

Yes.. That is the place I love to visit again and again in all directions far and wide countless number of times and feel blessed wherever I may be living on the Globe..The very much beloved Country of mine having a unique place in my heart!

The Post is written in line with the IndiSpire Prompt Share about any place that you would love to revisit. What makes the place special? #TimeToRevisit

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