Thursday, June 29, 2017


The Epic Story says..

The two Attendants to Lord Vishnu once stopped the Great Sage from entering Vaikuntam, the Abode of the Lord. The Sage got very angry and cursed both of them forever to be borne on the Earth.

After the Sage left, the Attendants prayed to Lord Vishnu to bless them by reversing the curse. The Lord said that it would not be possible to do that one hundred percent but offered them a concession as they were His Ardent Devotees. The concession given by the Lord was..

  • “You will have eleven births on the Earth, all those lives you will remain as the Devotees of mine and come back to me naturally. Or, you will have three births on the Earth, all those lives you will remain as the Haters of me; I will come to you, end you and take you back. The choice is purely yours!”
The next moment without any hesitation, the two Devoted Attendants opted for the second choice saying that they could not take eleven births on the earth and live thru' so long!

This may be a Story from our Sacred Epic but one Truth is evident here that

One's Life on Earth comprising of a certain number of self oriented activities is not all that rosy if seen in depth and the highly Devoted Attendants of Lord Vishnu too never hesitated hating their own Lord when offered through cutting down drastically the number of births from 11 to 3.
Seen thus, sure MY SONG OF LIFE goes thus,

That Peace which is very much sought by me in this life 
Is Ever shaky,
Never stable and 
Can be lost easily
Provided I this moment, 
May not be able to say anything on living thru' my life on earth 
Which is nothing but 
The sum total of certain self oriented activities as 
I have no control on their happening but 
Sure am not be that helpless in respect of 
The quality of those very activities 
Where in to whatever extent possible, I try 
'Denying Myself' 
In living thru' those moments and 
Over the life span that 
'Sum total of Denying Myself' 
Is going to reserve certain sure peace for me in future 
Which ultimately is nothing but myself.. 
'Accommodating my next man everywhere as much as possible' 
In this one life known to me!

Keywords: Self, denial, accommodating, next man