Sunday, July 9, 2017


A man attempted doing a work, found from the beginning not encouraging and soon failed in that. But his initial firm assertion in respect of his Faith continued as usual with a never failing smile on his face..

  • "Yes.. It's just a probability of success or failure here in our life in spite of putting forward our best efforts. Here, seeing for ever cause and effect, believing in doing good and leading a life of true expression out of my own freedom.. They alone define my life!"
Soon he made up his mind and took up the 2nd work. That progressed well to half of completion to his joy but beyond that to the surprise of every one, suddenly failed. In no time, the man started speaking out with a certain Faith established in him..
  • "Yes.. The cause and effect and the probability of happening may be the factors here but doing good everywhere and beyond believing in God alone are the realities distinctly seen by me at this point of time!"
He took sometime to recover, picked up courage and took up the 3rd job with his faith firmly ruling within all along. Soon everything went on well and it was a 100% success there. In no time he started speaking the importance of one's own in Faith in leading a happy life..
  • "Yes.. Leave all that talk of cause and effect, probability of happening etc.. It no more interests me. Firmly believing in that He alone moves me all along myself doing good followed by a sincere Prayer at the end of the day completes my day on earth at this point of time!"
As life moved thus, he suddenly experienced a medium sized road accident with his confidence all of a sudden shaken to the root followed by an agony of physical pain. No doubt, some advices were around on how to get over all that and he soon started doing all that at the back of very slow recovery.
  • Right at that point of time to the surprise of every one, the man totally left his earlier talk and started regularly Praying to his Deity as per his own Religious thinking imbibed from his child and the Associated Faith with a total surrender attitude thus.. 
'Om Trayambakam Yajamahe
Sugandhim Pushti Vardhanam
Urvarukamiva Bandhanath
Mrytor Mukshiya Mamrutat.'

'We worship the three eyed one lord shiva who is of spiritual essence and nourishes all beings. May he severe our bondage of samsara and thus liberate us!'

On an average that being the way almost everyone move in life sooner or later zeroing down in their life towards their belief in God thru' a surrender approach, it's time such firm belief of faith of an individual whatever is respected by every one 'As Is' without an iota of force to modify it and further wish for the betterment of the individual to progress in that line.

Thus continuing one's Faith in life simultaneously carrying an equal regard for the next man's Faith should go on in our life. Here all are equal, none less or none more and the State should make a note of it, allow it freely go on without a discrimination between individuals or their groups and thus make its own Rules and Regulations independent of such individual Faiths respecting them in their own places..

And a better India forever is thru' such ultimate Sacred Feeling alone in the hearts of the Rulers and the Ruled at any time!

The Post is written in line with the IndiSpire Prompt We, the people have remained secular in principle only. The ground realities tell a different story. Should we do away with secularism? Alternately, what can we do to strengthen secularism? #SecularIndia

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  1. Any religious faith that does not respect others is not religion but politics. What we have in India today is politics masquerading as religion.

    1. You are 100% right here in saying that Tomichan Matheikal.. And it happens in the world often at various levels simultaneously protested too from all quarters.. That way seen, up and down here in these aspects continue and thus goes our life with no let-up till a Great Personality comes on to earth and establishes the Right which level continues for a longer time before coming down once again .. Thanks for the good observatory comment on the Post!

  2. "Thus continuing one's Faith in life simultaneously carrying an equal regard for the next man's Faith should go on in our life."
    I love above line that summarizes the secular attitude of a citizen of a secular state. If your go by the basic tenets of various religions some have ingrained in it that there may be other paths to the same goal, while some religions brand the believers of other faiths as people of a lesser god who deserve to brought to their own faith or get killed. In such a situation the most tolerant of the religions suffers the most and becomes a victim of the vicious agenda in spite of being in majority.

    1. Very rightly reconfirmed, Durga Prasad.. And further what you said here is very much right.. It's forever the Ruler that should be cognizant of this fact and never allow those who presume to be Rulers to rule themselves in major issues.. Thanks for the appreciation and a good comment on the Post!