Monday, July 10, 2017


In the initial stages of friendship..

“Hi, friends.. I'm Ramesh, your Colleague of this Department. Nice to meet both of you.. I heard that you both are Experts in...... Great to have you with us!”

  • “Oh, it's you, Ramesh? Am Suresh from..... I think, you praised me beyond. Heard that you are one of the stalwarts of.......!”
  • "Hello.. This's Dinesh from..... Nice to meet you too.. Thank you for the praise!"
After a certain acquaintance,

“Hi, My dear Suresh & Dinesh! Small suggestion, yaar to both of you. Sure, you both are doing a great job but as I see, if you can do few changes in......., the results would be too good. It's just an advice from my side as a friend.. Sorry for the interference!”
  • “Yaar, What are you saying? This Suresh ever welcomes such advices.. We are very much interested to know that.. What do you say, Dinesh?”
  • “Sure, you are welcome, Ramesh here.. But presently I feel that I'm okay and I'll definitely consider your valuable advice if I face a problem here. Thanks for such a friendly support!”
Then onwards in private..

“Dear, Suresh! No doubt you did a Good Job. But just deviated at ……….. which is very important from the perspective of………”
  • “Sure Ramesh, right now I set it right.. And thank you very much for the correction!”
Subsequent to that..

“My dear! You have again repeated the mistake where I asked you to correct. I very much told you to be careful in…….”
  • “Oh, it happened? OK, I'll try making it alright!”
And further beyond..

“Oh! Dear! What happened to you? Once again.. Can’t you be careful at this point which I stressed so many times?”
  • "---------"
Finally on a day..

“What dear? Something seems to be eternally wrong with you. Any sensible person will not do this silly mistake a second time.. I feel.....!”
  • “What are you saying, my dear Ramesh? Tell me.. first of all.. Who are you here to talk about me like this? You are just my Colleague and not my Boss, do you know? Just keep off.. I think I allowed you too much and you are sitting right on my head all along!”


  1. Good insight, We r sole bearer of our choices & actions.

  2. Wonderful observation, Sir. This is the reality.

    1. Thanks Purba.. A nice appreciative comment here.. Yes.. It happens when one becomes a bit lax in his dealings with people!

  3. Thanks Veidehi for promoting the Post on G+!

  4. Very true word. World is like that. But we should stand out of this crowd.

    1. Thanks Vasantha.. A nice appreciation here!