Saturday, August 12, 2017


### The people of a small town were constantly afraid of robbers. They appointed a night watchman for their safety in the night. Daily, the night watchman on vigil at midnight used to repeat the words,

  • 'Hoshiyaar.. Jagte Raho (Be alert and be awake)!' 
All at the back of their fears used to get up from their sleep, check the doors for security and go back to sleep.

A young man thought one night,

  • 'Am I coolly sleeping off in my life with this monster fear of losing/failing never leaving me? Why not drive it out once for all and be at peace instead of living with many alternate things/thoughts?'
He thus got an Instant Awakening, opened the doors at that midnight itself and walked off into jungles for Meditation and Penance for ultimate Peace!

Thus, any failure or unbalance in my emotions produces unknown fear in me and to fight it out, I get into a belief by substituting the most comforting thought in mine at that point of time and start doing related actions instead of directly looking at that fear as much possible.

No doubt, any type of belief is just a matter of time and I am sure exposed to the danger of totally feeling helpless again when that my belief is questioned at the root making me again embrace another belief.

My life thus goes with a series of beliefs, there is no end here as well as there is no go too for me as I am an ordinary man of no great Insight unless I firm up to do my bit in this context which no doubt, is well possible for a personality of my level.

### A crow got a piece of meat but in no time, a dozen crows attacked it together. The crow flew branch to branch to escape from the attack but the dozen crows equally followed.

It was restless for a while and finally in a total helpless state dropped the piece of meat to ground. The chasing crows instantly left the original crow and went after the piece of meat fighting within themselves. The original crow rested peacefully on the branch of the tree. A Sage passing by saw that and thought,

  • 'The only way to be at Peace in this world is to drop off the possessions / attachments with me!'
Seen thus, no single thought of self protection will do good ultimately unless I get into a mode of
  • Certain concrete actions of self sacrifice whatever
  • Start serving the humanity at large to the extent possible
Which actions alone stabilize me in my life and make me stronger day by day to face such failures if any in future.. 

Of course, the end of this is never known and equally that is not my aim too here this moment except living a life of fullness all along doing what is


to the max extent possible!

The Post is written in line with the IndiSpire Prompt When you are down with emotions and failures... what would be the one thing or thought which would lift you up.. push your failures behind and bring you back on track #onething

Keywords: sacrifice, serving


  1. ...when belief is questioned we turn to another Yes!

    1. Thanks for the appreciation.. Love the comment!

  2. Desires are the reasons for suffering.. well explained...

    1. Thanks Allwyn.. A nice comment on the Post!

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    1. That's nice of you to say so, Abhi.. Thanks for the same!