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From the ancient times to the modern digital age, forever the reference to the true friendship in life at the highest level goes to the story of Damon and Pythias.

When Phythias was awarded the death sentence by the dictator King for plotting against him, he requested the King to permit him to visit his home town before taking up the death penalty. The King said that he could never believe that he would come back but Damon came forward and requested the King to permit his friend go home and in case he could not return, himself would take up the death sentence on him.

The King left Phythias and it so happened that he could never come back in the promised time. Damon readied himself for taking up the death sentence and was about to be hanged when Phythias came back and asked the King to hang him. 

Damon objected to that saying that as his friend's appointed time had crossed, as per agreement he alone had to be hanged and requested the King to do so. Equally Phythias did not agree for that as he was the original man to be hanged.

Seeing their true friendship, the King got pleased beyond and left both free.
  • This story of our olden times upholds a certain sacrifice required in keeping up good friendship else there is no meaning to that as in good times all will appear very much of helping type!
As we scale down measuring the friendship from the highest mentioned above, the next level is defined thru' the well known proverb
  • 'A friend in need is a friend indeed!'
Very much confirming to the fact that unless one rises to this requirement it can't be called the true friendship.

If further scaled down, it settles at an average give and take policy and such relations are often better defined as

  • 'Acquaintances rather than the friends!'
Further down the ladder if the friend starts becoming more average, it's better remember the precept in all such dealings that
  • 'The gap between average friends and enemies is too less!'
As that friend can turn out to be a threat too in no time with the additional strength of knowing the certain secrets of his once upon a time friend.

Steep down this relation is the stage when the only reason of appearing as friend seems to be thru' the oft remembered/mentioned precept

  • 'If additional money is sensed, new friendships surface in no time!'
Finally, to the bottom most of this relation such interactions stoop down to the last level of dangerous friendship which forever asserts the statement
  • 'If dishonest levels match, new friendships appear in no time!'
The Post is written in line with the IndiSpire Prompt Your take on 'Friendship in Digital Age'. 30 Jul is International Day of Friendship. #friendship

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  1. This is a wonderful post. Thanks for sharing the story of Damon and Pythias.

    1. That's nice of you to say so, Purba.. Thanks for the same!

  2. That's a beautiful story of friendship. :)