Friday, August 25, 2017


The child of 5+ was too adamant to learn the right during his evening studies. The Mom tried her best but that didn't work. The dad was away from the place to support the activities. The grandpa was silently watching the scene..

"Okay.. Go and do what you want.. No need to study!"

The Mom shouted out of disgust..

"No.. I want to study.. Teach me.. I'll listen to you!"

The Little One said.. The Mom knows the drama.. That way it never happens.. She firmed up.. She left the room and went out for her other works.. The grandpa said, 

"Okay, dear! Studies are over for today.. Now you are free to do what you want!"

He quickly helped the boy close all his books and keep them neatly to a side.. Hrs passed.. The child was taken care by the other members of the family and he was kept engaged for a while..

The dinner was over and soon it was sleeping time.. The Mom silently got into her bed and was reading some material. The Little One said,

"I'll not sleep with Mommy!" 

"No problem.. You can sleep with me in my room!"

The grandma said.. Soon he was by the side of grandma and she started cajoling him to sleep by telling a story. By that time his Mom got into sleep.

Time passed.. Soon it was 12 mid night.. The child didn't sleep and the grandma was tired..

"What do you want now?"

She asked..

"Get me....... Get me...... All here and I want to play!"

"This is sleeping time.. You have to sleep.. Tomorrow you have to wake up early..We are celebrating Ganesha Chaturdashi!"

"No.. I want to play.. I don't want to sleep!"

"Okay.. Do what you want!"

Soon the Little one was too active.. Every family member was tired beyond.. One of them said aloud, 

"Go to sleep!"

"No.. I will not.. Do what you want!"

"Why are you like this?"

"I don't know.. I don't want to sleep!"

"Go to your Mom!"

"No.. I'll not go!" 

"Okay! I'll come to her room.. We sleep together with your Mommy!" Said the grandma..

"Do what you want.. I want to play!" It was 1 AM..

"Dear! Do you know the time? Sleep now!"

"Never.. I'll play!" 

The grandpa sensed the sensitivity of the situation. He walked into the daughter's room and said,

"Dear! Come and take care of the boy!" 

"Dad! Let him sleep/play.. Leave him for a while!"

The daughter said..

"No dear! This moment he doesn't listen to any one on the earth whatever attractions they may show and whatever interests they try to create in him.. 

You alone can cool him in a moment.. And the rest of the discipline follows everywhere.. Just come, call him and take him to bed!"

The daughter got up, came to the little one and said,

"Come.. Let's go to sleep!"

"I am playing!"

The boy replied.. 

"Okay.. 5 mts.. I stand here for you.. Come now!"

5 mts passed.. The Mom said again, 

"Come.. Let's go now!"

The Mom moved on and the Little One followed..

It was 2 AM..

True silence and peace prevailed for the rest of the night.. And the family got up in high spirits the next day morning to celebrate Lord Ganesha Festival!

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  1. Word to word true , that is called actually childhood and love of mother .

    1. Rightly said, Mamta.. That's how a child responds to his/her Mom.. Thanks for the appreciation!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Rupam for the appreciation.. Love the comment!