Friday, September 22, 2017


The Great Man when confronted with rowdy elements, hid himself in the Police Control Room and subsequently on the advice of the Chief of there escaped in disguise in front of the protesters..

Making it evident that protecting oneself becomes the primary duty and in that context anything done stands as right! 

But the same Personality made it clear subsequent to the incident saying,

  • "I don't know why I did that way at that point of time but this moment left to me, I am ready to surrender to my protesters and face their wrath rather than escape discretely!"
Making once again clear that none should act less when truly imbibed with a sure inner strength to face a certain threat!

Seen in such a context, am as a Blogger a certain personality in this world and protecting myself from a threat at that level becomes a requirement from my end. Thus my sayings sure deviate from my original expressions within and streamline with the pressures brought out by the powerful next to me.

And I can do nothing beyond here till I am blessed with a greater inner strength by the Grace of God..

When a man asked the Great Man of the Ashram to give him some food as he was hungry, the Great Personality said,

  • "Do this equivalent work, I'll give you food!"
When the man retorted saying that how a man collapsing with hunger could do any work, the Great Personality said,
  • "In that case, I'll give you food. Eat, relax for a while but finish my work and go!"
When the man refused to do that accusing the Noble Personality as cruel, the Great Man said,
  • "I don't mind. You can go now. You will not get food here!"
Very strictly speaking, that's the fundamental importance of work in our life and if I am blogging in my prime time, I sure need to earn my decent salary out of that!

Having reasonably taken care of the above 2 aspects of life, I should never stop beyond out of a further feeling in me that I may be humiliated of what I say because whatever be that, that has its own requirement in the world at that moment and I should necessarily bring it out for the overall betterment in me and my surroundings..

The Master truly clarified the same point through His advice once given to a humble man who was finding it difficult to concentrate on God saying,
  • “As you love your own goat kid very much, imagine the picture of your little goat in place of your Deity and thus continue your Spiritual Practice.. You are truly blessed!” 
Making it very clear that I should boldly bring out to the world that prompts me so strongly from within without feeling shy of doing the same!

All my blogging freely done taking care of the above 3 factors

sure becomes the requirement of the day

and anything different from this becomes

doubly sure the funny part of my blogging as such an expression from my end in that situation equally never stands as the requirement of day!

The Post is written in line with the IndiSpire prompt# The funny world of blogging. #Blogging

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